2015 Teaching Awards

Vice-Chancellor's Teaching Awards - 2015

Citation for Sustained Commitment to Teaching Excellence

Dr Trisia Farrelly

Dr Farrelly is committed to opening the minds of her students as she engages them in being apprentice social anthropologists. Trisia encourages them to challenge their values, attitudes and practices. As one student said, “It has changed the way I think and see the world!”

Trisia is a thoughtful, reflective teacher who strives to enhance student learning through a student-centred, enquiry based approach. Her innovative use of case studies, variety of media utilised and ‘flipped teaching’ techniques serve to emphasise her philosophy that students benefit from being actively engaged in their education. The learning environment she creates is transformative; “…loved this paper and have now changed to Anthropology for my major.” 

Catering to the needs of all students is important to Trisia, especially so as she teaches across disciplines and Colleges to students from diverse background and learning experiences. She is committed to teaching and learning in a wider context as a regular contributor to University seminars for students and academics. Her strong links to local and global communities is testament to her commitment to her discipline and others.

Associate Professor Ian Fuller

Fieldwork underpins Associate Professor Fuller’s approach to effective teaching and learning in Physical Geography. His ‘signature pedagogy’ engages students in learning by ‘doing’ to build their confidence as learners, researchers and practitioners. His connections with stakeholders reinforce his commitment to making his papers as relevant to students as possible.

Dr Fuller’s portfolio demonstrated not only that he has a comprehensive understanding of what contributes to effective learning, but also showed his approach to course design and improvements were grounded in research. His willingness to reflect on student feedback and his approach to teaching and learning through research publications, points to a dedicated and thoughtful practitioner that understands the demands of his discipline and how to inspire his students to achieve their goals. 

Under Dr Fuller’s leadership the Physical Geography Programme has developed a suite of papers with carefully mapped graduate attributes throughout, is geared to producing work ready students and which has led to a growing cohort of postgraduate students. As a ‘Scholar Teacher’ Ian’s contribution to his discipline by way of research into his teaching practices is a highlight and serves to reinforce his commitment not only to his students and colleagues but also to excellence in teaching and learning generally.

Dr Alison Sewell

Dr Sewell’s care and commitment to teaching and learning is clearly evident in her portfolio. Alison strives to create a personal learning environment for each student through creative use of online strategies to engage and motivate them.  As one student said, “The development of an online community with the cumulative discussions and varied viewpoints was motivational for my learning”.

As an educator of teachers Alison models ‘how it is to be a teacher in the classroom’.  She uses teaching approaches that are based on evidence and a belief in the positive effects of reflective teaching and learning. How to place the student at the centre of learning is an important approach she wants her students to practise.

Alison shows a continued desire to learn and develop as well as to share her knowledge with her colleagues and professionals in the education sector.  Her leadership in teacher education is held in high regard by her colleagues and the professional bodies that she regularly interacts with.  She leads by example to distil in her students the value of an approach to teaching and learning that is enthusiastic, encouraging and evidence based.