2016 Teaching Awards

Vice-Chancellor's Teaching Awards - 2016

Citation for Sustained Commitment to Teaching Excellence

Associate Professor Margaret Brunton

“Compassionate”, “legendary”, “wonderfully helpful” – these are some of the words students and staff have used to describe Associate Professor Margaret Brunton. Over fifteen years she has enriched the lives of students, enabling them to achieve in ways they had not thought possible.

Associate Professor Brunton’s reflections on the learning experience have led her to create a warm and enticing learning environment, which is evidenced by student evaluations and high completion rates. Students experienced her teaching not just as vocationally useful and personally enjoyable, but also as transformative. In the words of one of Associate Professor Brunton’s students, she “teaches with passion and soul”.  

Equally impressive is Associate Professor Brunton’s pastoral care of students.  Students write about how grateful they are for her attentiveness to their needs, which includes clear and responsive communication that allow them to progress with purpose and clarity. That Associate Professor Brunton sustains this high level of care while teaching large numbers of papers with students from diverse backgrounds makes her teaching all the more remarkable.

Leadership is also a defining feature of Associate Professor Brunton’s practice. As her Head of School commented, “Associate Professor Brunton is the epitome of great educator – a person whose visible dedication and passion to students inspires them to do great work”.   

Citation for Sustained Commitment to Teaching Support

Martin McMorrow

Martin McMorrow is passionate about supporting and enhancing the student experience.  Martin’s commitment to partnering with colleagues to improve the learning delivery, assessment and feedback is a key feature of his practice.

Martin constantly seeks to find new ways to guide students to achieve successful outcomes.  His expertise in the analysis of student writing, especially that of international students, has influenced the way in which students choose their course of study in high profile programmes at the University.  His reach and influence serves to underscore the high regard in which Martin is held.

Martin’s ability to connect with a diversity of students using a “fellow learner” approach allows him to create a personalised and stimulating learning environment.  His innovative use of technology evidenced in his highly regarded podcast series, in addition to his embedded support initiatives highlights his philosophy, which is to provide timely, flexible and coherent student support that is designed to meet the demands of the 21st century learner.

Martin is a consummate professional whose passion for improving and enhancing the student learning experience is exemplary.