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Teaching awards

The Massey University Strategy 2018-2022 states that “We will provide a distinctive student-centred learning experience for all students...”.  Fundamental to achieving this goal is the quality and excellence of teaching which Massey University has established an enviable reputation for over the years. This point is evidenced by our outstanding success in winning National Tertiary Teaching Excellence Awards, including the Prime Minister’s supreme Award.

There are three (3) different teaching excellence awards that are offered centrally to recognise quality in teaching and learning practice.  In addition, some Colleges offer awards for quality in teaching and learning.  Although there is no requirement to have received a College teaching award in order to apply for a centrally-funded award, the College awards are generally regarded as a good stepping stone to some of the centrally-funded awards.

Each of the three centrally-funded awards come with a monetary value ranging from $1,500, for the Special Achievement Award, to $8,000 for the Vice-Chancellor's Teaching Excellence Award.

Name of the award


Number of awards

Amount awarded


Vice-Chancellor's Teaching Excellence Award

Up to three (3) awards can be awarded each year and includes the Kaupapa Maori Award.  The criteria that is used to assess the Vice-Chancellor’s awards is the same* as the National Teaching Excellence Award.

up to 3

$8,000 per award


Early Career Teaching Award

The award is aimed at recognising high quality practice of applicants that have a minimum of two (2) years and maximum of four (4) years of teaching experience at Massey University.

up to 3

$2,500 per award


Special Achievement Award

This is new award introduced in 2020.  The award is designed to recognise that good quality teaching and learning practice occurs in a range of different contexts (academic and professional) and in different parts of the teaching and learning process e.g. supporting learners, assessment, learning design.  

up to 6

$1,500 per award

Academic and Professional