Our approach

Our teaching development services are designed to explore the following domains of effective teaching practice, as defined in the National Tertiary Teaching Excellence Awards Criteria and adopted in Massey University's Peer Assistance and Review of Teaching (PART) Framework. There are five broad domains:

1. Planning and Designing Learning

2. Facilitating Learning

3. Assessing Student Learning

4. Evaluating Teaching and Learning

5. Teaching Leadership

The following diagram provides a visual overview of our integrated and comprehensive approach to teaching development. It shows how we support early career and experienced academic staff through a range of formal and informal (just in time) teaching development services.

Conceptual Framework1.jpg

In summary, our goal is to provide relevant, demand-led and research-informed teaching development that has a real impact on the quality of teaching and the student learning experience. Heads of units, programme directors/coordinators and groups of staff are able to request customised professional development which addresses specific needs through our online request form.

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