Teaching and Learning Circles

Teaching and Learning Circles are groups of about six to eight people who come together once a month to learn and share ideas about teaching. The circles are like a mentoring system, but without the hierarchy. This initiative is managed and sponsored by TE@M with support from the National Centre for Teaching and Learning.

Who can join?

Any staff member involved in teaching: from new lecturers to seasoned academics. The circles start at the beginning of each calendar year. They are currently in the Manawatu and Wellington campuses.

Why become involved?

• Learn and share practical tips, skills, ideas and interesting approaches.
• Solve problems that have been bugging you.
• Reduce the amount of time spent trying to figure things out yourself.
• Strengthen your network of colleagues across the university.

What TE@M can do for you?

Do you have a question about teaching? Our TE@M members can offer you ideas and perspectives on any teaching-related issue, large or small.  

Who to contact?

Information about Teaching and Learning Circles:

Ema Alter
National Centre for Teaching and Learning
Manawatu Campus
Phone: +64 6 356 9099 ext 81473

Email: E.J.Alter@massey.ac.nz.

Information about TE@M:

Regina Scheyvens
Social Science Tower 3.04
Manawatu Campus
Phone: +64 6 356 9099 ext. 2509
Email: R.A.Scheyvens@massey.ac.nz