Video Linked Teaching

Teaching beyond the walls of the classroom

What is VLT?

Two new flexible teaching spaces on the Manawatu and Albany campuses designed to facilitate multi-campus and multi-mode teaching via video conferencing technology. Each room is equipped with 4 HD cameras, 4 projection displays, an interactive whiteboard, whole-room audio/mics and modular furniture that enables the room to be set up in a wide variety of ways to support different teaching and learning styles.

The rooms can handle interactive classes of up to 40 students and up to 60 students if used for presentation purposes only.

Why use VLT?

VLT is a suitable medium to deliver classes on two or more campuses. It is also an effective means of delivery for mixed mode (internal, distance) courses as it allows distance students to be brought into internal classes and benefit from interaction and collaboration with peers. It is a great way for teachers to provide a more equitable experience for all their students. VLT offers the potential to reduce travel time and costs as well as offering the ability to allow individual staff members to teach internal classes on multiple campuses.

It can be used for tutorials, group work, project supervision, seminars, lectures and presentations from invited guests.

VLT Manawatu, GLB