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Teaching Evaluation through Student Dialogue (TESD)

The Teaching Evaluation through Student Dialogue (TESD) tool (a contemporary variation of Small Group Instructional Diagnosis) provides course coordinators, tutors and other teaching staff with a structured alternative to traditional teaching evaluations (e.g., MOST). Robust evaluation of teaching needs to draw on evidence from multiple sources and there is strong support in the literature for the added insight and enhanced trustworthiness of data collected through alternative tools which increase student engagement in the evaluation process, especially when there is a clear commitment by the teacher to improvement.

Although there is no single approach to this form of teaching evaluation, a TESD is best conducted just before mid semester as this allows staff to make adjustments in their approach for the rest of the semester, as well as serving as an ideal opportunity to remind students of the classes’ intended learning outcomes.  TESDs are conducted only at the request of the staff member; results are shared only with the staff member requesting the service. It is up to the individual staff member whether the results are then shared more widely.

The particular variant of the TESD used by Centres for Teaching and Learning takes the students through a structured process in approximately 30 minutes to an hour. At the beginning of the session, the teaching consultant advises the students that all comments are confidential, and that a written report will be prepared for their teacher. Furthermore, the students are informed that, by voluntarily choosing to employ the TESD service, their teacher has demonstrated a high level of commitment to the quality of their education. More information about the TESD tool is available by downloading the following document:

•  About TESD.pdf (161 KB)

Please contact the Group Leader at your local campus National Centre for Teaching and Learning to request a TESD in your particular course.