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We frequently receive complaints over the number of surveys involving staff and/or students. There is a danger of these surveys having the effect of creating respondent-fatique, reduced response rates and impacting on the meaningfulness of the data and information gathered. An added problem is the less than positive perception among survey participants who as well as being asked to respond on multiple occasions, also often perceive similarity and overlap between the different surveys. A further issue is that because there is no record of the previous surveys which have been conducted, there is no opportunity to determine whether a particular cohort or sample has been surveyed recently; nor is there any opportunity to share experiences and findings with the Massey community.

To address these concerns all research on Massey students related to academic matters needs to be submitted through a central register to avoid unnecessary duplication. This process will also help to ensure that appropriate information is being collected which is not already available. This requirement also applies to research involving staff on teaching-related matters. Please complete the appropriate web form below to register your proposed research:

Click on the link below to submit an executive summary of your findings from any research on staff or student so these are can be made accessible to a wider audience.

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For further information and survey results, please contact the Student Engagement and Evaluation Manager.