University-wide Student Surveys

The Student Survey and Evaluation Unit (SSEU) administer a number of university-wide student surveys on behalf of the University. The range of survey instruments and their frequency of administration are described in the Massey University Survey Framework.  The focus is on collecting time series results to explore changes in students’ perceptions of university processes with a strong emphasis placed on benchmarking and interpreting the data and involvement in quality enhancement activities. University-wide surveys we currently undertake include:

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• Australian Survey of Student Engagement (AUSSE)

Graduate Destination Survey (GDS)

• Graduate Longitudinal Study New Zealand (NZGLS)

• International Student Barometer (ISB)

• MOST - Massey Online Survey Tool (MOST)

• Student Experience Survey (SES)

The Unit is also involved with other ad hoc surveying activities from time to time. For further information about any of these surveys or survey support available from this unit, please contact the Student Survey and Evaluation Manager.