An example of an attribution for a file that is linked to within a Stream environment. Includes linking to an article in the Library's electronic database.

In the example below (see Fig1) a file has been uploaded and linked to within Stream.  The name that will appear as a link is entered into the Name field.  A full citation for the uploaded content is provided in the Summary field. 

If you are linking to a journal article in one of the Library's electronic databases please refer to the Library's guidelines. Include in the full citation the database the article came from and the following text Provided by Massey University Library - see Fig 2 for an example.

Fig 1

Linking to an article in the Library's electronic database

Fig 2 is an example of how to attribute a link to an article in Library's electronic journal databases. Note, the doi is included as a reference to the database where the article exists, and may only apply to APA referencing.  If the article does not have a doi, or your disciplines referencing style does not require the inclusion of a doi, then you will need to reference the database where the article resides. For more information about creating stable links to electronic databases and what restrictions are placed on journal articles please visit the Library's webpage on the use of electronic journals.

Fig 2