Examples of attributions for video (and/or music) that is embedded or linked within a Stream environment.

Embedded video example | Linking to a video or audio file that has been downloaded into a Stream environment example | Music file example

Embedded video

In the first example (see Fig 1) a video has been embedded into a block in Stream. An attribution appears underneath the image and should follow your discipline's referencing style. The date the video was embedded is also included. Note that the attribution conventions also apply to eTV recordings.

Fig 1

Linking to a video file that has been downloaded

In this example (see Fig 2) a programme has been recorded from a free to air broadcast, and has been uploaded and linked within a Stream environment.  The attribution includes the date of the broadcast as well as when the broadcast was recorded.  Note the Screenrights licence does not allow you to download a broadcast from a broadcasters website and make this available in a Stream environment. If you are linking to a broadcast available on the web you will need to include the date that you created the link.

For eTV recordings you need to include the following text:  Provided by Massey University Library.  This text will replace the Used for Massey University Purposes text in the attribution.


Fig 2

Music example

For audio recordings or linking to music files that exist on the web you will need to provide a full attribution following your disciplines referencing style and include the required text as per the University's licence with APRA/AMCO/PPNZ.  The example below is for a piece of music that has been copied from a CD and then uploaded into a Stream environment.

Visit the Copyright guidelines for music for more information.