Massey University has entered into a licence agreement with APRA/AMCOS NZ and PPNZ. The licence allows Massey to perform, play and copy musical works for educational purposes within certain limits. It also covers most instances where Massey will have obtained a one off licence for music and performance in the past.

APRA/AMCOS ( represents music writers and publishers. PPNZ ( represents international and local record labels and recording artists. These two organisations distribute licence fees, paid by Massey University, to rights’ holders.

Perform music in public

 The licence permits:

  • use of music in lectures and tutorials, including compilations for use in the classroom
  • perform works and play sound recordings publicly within the University context – student recitals and performances as part of a course where the public are present (no charge can be made)
  • use of music for graduations and other University organised events, or University business – music for ‘hold’ function on the phone system  
  • make archival recordings involving music

 Communicate music

 You can make music available:

  • via password protected course websites
  • on CD, DVD or mobile devices


 You can:

  • make compilations and multiple copies of music recordings
  • combine music with video or digital recordings of drama or dance performances and make copies for archival purposes or for students
  • record and make copies incorporating public performances of music sound recordings at University events and keep for archival purposes and make available to students/families (at cost recovery)
  • copy music recordings from the internet for use in online courses as long as they are not pirated versions

The music licence does not permit the:

  • copying of print musical score, including digital versions
  • copying of infringing copies – pirate versions
  • performance of part or whole of any musical work in conjunction with acting, costumes, scenic accessories and scripted dialogue and other dramatic effects
  • performance of ‘Grand Right Works’ - e.g., opera, ballet – in its entirety or copying of these
  • choral work over 20mins duration
  • performance of music with substituted lyrics

Requirements of the licence

All copies to be accompanied by a copyright warning notice (as for all other licences).

Copyright Warning Notice

These materials may be used only for Educational Purposes.  They include extracts of copyright works copied under copyright licences.  You may not copy or distribute any part of this material to any other person.  Where the material is provided to you in electronic format you may only download or print from it for your own use.  You may not download or make a further copy for any other purpose. Failure to comply with the terms of this warning may expose you to legal action for copyright infringement and/or disciplinary actions by the University.


It is unlikely that all staff will be surveyed as part of the licence requirement. However please keep a record of what you are using under this licence.

See the list of APRA/AMCOS member publishers and PPNZ licensors.

Please contact the Copyright Officer for further information.