Broadcast resources from TV& Radio

The use of broadcast resources from television and radio for educational purposes can be copied and used for teaching and learning as Massey University subscribes to a Screenrights licence.  Copies can be made by individual staff or by others on their behalf or access broadcast resources through eTV via a link from the Massey Library

 Screenrights represent copyright owners in film, television and radio. Further details about this organisation can be found at

Copies may be made available in any format

  • DVD
  • Video cassettes
  • CD-ROM
  • Audio tape
  • Online through Massey's learning management system

Permitted copying with the Screenrights licence

You may copy:

  • from free to air or pay television or radio broadcast
  • a documentary or a news broadcast, a film or infotainment, a sport event or advertisement
  • an excerpt of a programme or an entire series
  • a single copy or multiple copies
  • Store copies for use in courses
  • download audiovisual material lawfully available online
  • keep copies material for future years
  • download audio material from some radio broadcast sites *

It is permitted to copy films that have lawfully been uploaded to the internet as part of the licence. You must ensure that the copy you wish to copy has permission from the rights holders. For example, television items accessible via ‘on demand’ on broadcasters websites; movies that are out of copyright or are licensed by Creative Commons. You cannot copy pirated copies.

 *   Radio download from the internet is restricted to Radio New Zealand National, Radio New Zealand AM Network, Australian Broadcasting Corporation Radio National, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Radio One, Radio Network’s Newstalk ZB, Radio Network’s Sport, Media Works Radio Live, Media Works Radio B Sport, and the BBC World Service.

Works excluded under the licence

  • Audio and video material that has been purchased from commercial suppliers
  • Material obtained from commercial electronic databases
  • Copies made or used for profit or where in excess of cost recovery is charged

Some purchased material may have special conditions that allow copying. This would be signalled on the material. Permission must be obtained to copy excluded works.

Licence requirements

Every copy made under the licence must be labelled with the following:

  1. Made for Massey University’s educational purposes
  2. Title of broadcast
  3. Date of broadcast
  4. Date of copy made for sending to students

 Sampling surveys

The Screenrights licence no longer requires universities to be surveyed at this stage. Information about staff usage of broadcast material is being gained from eTV access.  eTV provides access to a wide range of broadcast material and can be accessed through the Massey Library databases.

Screenrights brochure

The Screenrights licence brochure covers what is permitted by the licence.