Distance education resources

To assist staff with the delivery of distance (extramural) courses, teaching consultants provide guidance and assistance in the development and writing of learning resources/study guides, whether they are in print, online, or a combination of media.

• Consultation

• Learning Design

• Print/Electronic Resources


Consultants provide advice (one to one or groups) on how best to develop, write, and teach courses for students living at a distance. Advice may cover anything to do with teaching methods, assessment, workloads, how to structure the course and what information to provide for students. In addition, a ‘help desk’ function to deal with copyright queries is provided. Please feel free to contact your campus  Centre for Teaching and Learning to discuss with a consultant any specific distance teaching-related issues you might have.

Learning design

Learning Design is about the choices you make in the design and delivery of teaching. That is, how you decide to develop, deliver, assess and evaluate your course.

  • Are you developing study materials for a new or existing course, a new mode or setting?
  • Are you thinking of delivering your course/s online or in combination with print material or other media?
  • Is your role to support academics in the production of study materials?

The Peer Assistance and Review of Teaching Framework provides a list of guiding questions that should inform the learning design process.

Contact your campus Centre for Teaching and Learning to discuss with a Teaching Consultant any specific issues related to your paper design and development. 

Print/Electronic resources

To download, click on the icon/link and then save the file to your computer.