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Stream Completion Checklist

Please complete this Checklist as a self-review of your Stream environment.

The information provided in this Checklist will be used to assist in fulfilling the University's copyright obligations and to enhance accessibility of digital study resources in Stream.  It will also be used for reporting the number of papers that have undergone peer review as part of the University's commitment to quality enhancement.

If you require assistance with any areas of the Checklist, then please indicate this in the Request for Assistance section and someone from the Centres for Teaching and Learning will be in contact. The Stream Completion Checklist is managed by the National Centre for Teaching and Learning.

Note: Your completed Checklist should be submitted a minimum of TWO WEEKS before the start of the Semester in which the paper is going to be taught. On submission of the Checklist you will need to make your Stream environment available to students. Instructions on how to do this is found at the end of this Checklist.

Paper Details

Course Number:

Course Name:

Name of the Course Coordinator

Semester in which the paper is offered:

Year in which the paper is being offered

What College does this paper belong to?

Mode that the paper is delivered
Primary campus from which this paper is being delivered.
The 'Other' option is for those papers being delivered from locations outside of the primary three, for example: EIT, Singapore etc

The IPP Online Learning Category (if known)

Copyright of Digital Study Resources
Do the study resources in your Stream environment fit within the Copyright Guidelines?  Guidelines can be viewed at the Stream Copyright webpage.

Accessibility of Digital Study Resources
Have you considered accessibility issues for the study resources available in your Stream environment? More information about designing accessible study resources including the accessibility guidelines are available at how to make Stream accessible for all learners.

Peer Review of Paper Design

Has your paper undergone peer review?

Learn more about how you can enhance your paper using the Peer Assistance and Review of Teaching (PART) Framework at the PART website.

If your paper has not undergone peer review for this offering, please indicate the year when it was last reviewed.
Request for Assistance
If you would like someone to contact you about copyright, accessibility or peer review of teaching please use the feedback box below.  Provide as much detail as possible so as your request can be directed to the right support person.
Stream Environment now Ready

Tick the box to confirm that your Stream environment is now 'ready' to be made available to students.

For instructions on how to make your Stream environment available for student access please see making a course available to students.
Email Address