Adding users to a course

This page includes information about adding enrolled users and AD (Active Directory) users to a course and how to enable active directory enrolments.  

Adding an enrolled user to a course

  1. Go to Administration in the left-hand column. Under Course administration, click Users and then Enrolled users (Fig 1).  

    Fig 1 – Location of Enrolled users.

  2. Click the Enrol users button at the top or bottom right-hand side of the page (Fig 2).

    Fig 2 – Enrol users button.

  3. Select the role you wish to assign the user (Fig 3).

    Fig 3 – Assigning the user’s role.

  4. You are able to search for enrolled users by entering a name or their email into the search box (Fig 4). Note: You cannot search by their Massey user ID.  

    Fig 4 – Searching for an enrolled user.

  5. Click the Finish enrolling users button to finish enrolling. This will also close the window.

Enrolling AD (Active Directory) users

Use the Enrol AD user button if you cannot find the user with Enrol users. Note: If you cannot see the Enrol AD user button go to the Enable Active Directory section.

  1. Go to Administration in the left-hand column. Under Course administration, click Users and then Enrolled users (Fig 1).  

    Fig 1 – Location of Enrolled users

  2. Click the Enrol AD users button (Fig 2).

    Fig 2 – Enrol AD users button.

  3. Choose the role from the drop-down list to assign to the user role (Fig 3).  

    Fig 3 – Assign roles dropdown box.

  4. In the search field type in the ID or username and press enter. If that search doesn't yield results you can search using an * in front of a name or username/ID ie *bloggs and press enter (Fig 3).  

    Fig 3 – Search field.

  5. Once the person's name appears then click the Enrol button beside the name (Fig 4).  

    Fig 4 – Enrol button.

  6. Once you have finished enrolling users then click the Finish enrolling users button (fig 5).  

    Fig 5 – Finish enrolling users button. 

Enable Active Directory enrolment

  1. Under the Administration block, click Course administration, Users and then Enrolment methods (Fig 1). 

    Fig 1 – Enrolment methods.

  2. Select Massey AD enrolments from the drop-down list (Fig 2).  

    Fig 2 – Select Massey AD enrolments.  

  3. A Massey AD enrolments window will open (Fig 3). The Enable masseyldap enrolments should be left as Yes. Select a Default role, (usually a teacher). Click the Add method button to finish adding the enrolment method (Fig 3).  

    Fig 3 – Massey AD enrolments setup.

  4. Massey AD enrolments will show in the Enrolment methods box (Fig 4).  

    Fig 4 – Showing the activated Massey AD enrolments method.

  5. The Enrol AD users button will also show on the right-hand side of the Enrolled users window (Fig 5).
    Fig 5 – Enrolled users screen showing Enrol AD users button.


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