Using auto groups

This page contains information about creating and renaming groups.

Auto create groups

  1. Go to the Administration block (in the left hand column on the course homepage) and click on Users and then Groups (Fig 1).

    Fig 1.

  2. Click Auto-create groups (Fig 2).  

    Fig 2.

  3. In the Select members from role setting, select Student (Fig 3). (Generally groups will be made up of students.)  

    Fig 3.  

  4. Select Number of groups or Members per group in the Group/member count drop-down list (Fig 4). In this instance I want three groups as shown in Fig 4.  

    Fig 4.

  5. Edit Naming scheme as required. Group @ can be changed to Group # (Fig 5). Note: Group @ will create Group A, Group B, etc, Group # will create Group 1, Group 2 etc  and if you change group to something else, ie Class @, then groups will be created with Class A, Class B etc. 

    Fig 5.

  6. Select No in Create in grouping (Fig 6).  

    Fig 6.

  7. Check your Groups by clicking the Preview button beneath the settings you have edited (Fig 7).  

    Fig 7.

  8. Click the Submit button to create the groups. Note: To rename or edit the groups see the next section.

Re-naming the groups

  1. If you wish to rename the groups, select a group (Fig 1).

    Fig 1.

  2. Click the Edit group settings button (Fig 2).  

    Fig 2.

  3. Edit Group name as required (Fig 3).  

    Fig 3.

  4. Click the Save changes button.



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