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Print request functionality - things you need to know

What documents can students select to be printed?

PDF documents and the Book resource. All content must reside in the Stream site. PDFs that exist on a website or in the Library and are linked to will not be able to be requested to be printed.

Also, all PDFs and Book resources are by default determined to be core resources and are therefore able to be selected to be printed. If there are some resources that are PDFs or Books and are not core (required by students to successfully complete their study) then the 'core checkbox' associated with these resource can be un-ticked.

Can all students request digital material from Stream?

If the course offering that the Stream site is created on has either the Partially Taught Online or Fully Taught Online, online category then students will be able to request print material.

Does this functionality work with meta sites?

Yes, so long as the course offerings that feed the enrolments into the child sites are in the correct online category - Partially Taught Online or Fully Taught Online - students will be able to select study resources to be printed.

Why does the Print request block say that resources cannot be printed from the site?

There are two reasons for this.

The first may be to do with the online category for your course offering. Only courses in the Fully Taught Online and Partially Taught Online categories allow students to select resources for printing.

The second possible reason is because you have been manually added to the Stream site. Check with the Stream Hotline to see if this is the case.

What are the copyright implications?

Your copyright obligations remain the same. Please check the Copyright web pages for more information on copyright requirements and Stream.

Changing the status of PDF and Book resources so as they are not able to be selected to be printed

  1. In your Stream site, turn editing on. For the PDF, Folder which contains PDFs or Book resource click on the update icon (see Fig. 1.)

    Fig 1.

  2. By default all PDFs (this includes Folders that contain PDFs) and Books are treated as core resources. The core resource checkbox will need to be un-ticked in order for the resource not to be able to be printed (see Fig.2). Save the changes.

    Fig 2.


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