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Mediasite Guide - accessing Mediasite content

The Mediasite Player:

The Mediasite player allows you to view live, on-demand, or portable presentations using your web browsers. The Mediasite Player includes separate controls for the video and slide show portions of a presentation.

Live Webcasts:

  • Presentation that is broadcasted while it is being recorded
  • You can join a live presentation before it begins or after it has already started
  • Opportunity to participate in audience polls, ask questions, or view additional web resources by clicking links within the presentation.

On-demand webcasts:

  • May be played back any time after it has been recorded
  • Content may be viewed from any point in the presentation

Portable presentations:

  • A recorded presentation that is self-contained
  • Maybe played back from your local hard drive, memory stick, CD or DVD

Mediasite Player FAQs:

Who has permission to view lecture recordings?

The default permissions on all Mediasite presentation is “all Students” and “all Staff” as we do not have the resources to limit webcast to classes, programmes just yet. Recordings nominated to be publically accessible in the public catalogue are available to "Everyone".


My students report difficulty access my recordings - what shall I tell them?

There are a few situations where student's (or staff) cannot access Mediasite content. These usually relate to one of the following:

"CAN" Status: 

  • A Student's ID has the CAN status in Active Directory - we normally see this at the beginning of a semester and just before exams.
  • This is a status imposed by Massey University Registry, normally when there is a fee or enrolment issue.
  • To resolve you will need to have the user check their AD Status with helpdesk.

Silverlight is not installed:

  • Most frequently this relates to personally own computers and Firefox users.
  • Some browsers, including Firefox, requires the plugin to be downloaded and then manually installed - a step frequently missed by some of the less technically minded computer users.
  • The occasional MAC users refuses to install the proprietary Microsoft Plugin or provide Root-Level credentials to the Plug-in during the install process.

ISP Bandwidth Cap has been exceeded:

  • Results in the user only being able to access Mediasite content at Modem Dial-up speed, which is not possible.
  • It is recommended that all online programmes provide some sort of disclaimer, advice or guideline so a student knows they need to maintain broadband access to participate in the programme.

Mediasite Service Requests

Mediasite captures what you do - exactly how you do it! Please contact National Centre for Teaching and Learning via the Stream support webpage for assistance in getting the most out of your media-enriched online course content.

We do require you to fill in the Mediasite Service Request Form before we can consider or confirm your request.  

Mediasite Desktop Recorder Access Requests

My Mediasite is a web based portal that enables individuals to create and manage content on Windows and Macintosh computers using 'Mediasite Desktop Recorder', as well as uploading User Generated video Content (UGC).

We do require you to fill in the Mediasite Desktop Recorder Request Form before we can consider or confirm your request.  NB:  Student Requests for access to My Mediasite will not be processed. .

My Mediasite Guides

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