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The Default Mediasite Player


When watching live (Synchronous) or on-demand (Asynchronous) Mediasite presentations the Mediasite Player gives audiences anywhere a webcast experience which is:  Mobile-ready and offers flexible playback options as well as a few useful interactive tools to enhance the on-line learning experience, including advanced search capabilities so learners may instantly pinpoint the information they need. 

Player Layout

NB:  Full Screen browser playback is achived by using the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer : F11
  • Safari: Cmd-Shift-F (MAC), F11 on a PC
  • Other: some browsers may also use F10

The Mediasite player allows you to:

  • View live webcasts, on-demand and portable presentations using your web browsers.
  • Display how media elements are viewed
  • Interact/participate in audience polls, ask questions, or view supplementary materials by clicking links within the player

Viewing requirements:

If you are having difficulty accessing any Mediasite content, visit Accessing content > Trouble shooting presentation playback as here we address our most common accessibility issues and explain what we need from you to help most efficiently.

Test if you are ready to watch Mediasite Presentations:

Download our full Mediasite Player guide:

Enabling Speed Control in html Browsers:

For individual presentations, users can append ?useHTML5=True to the end of a presentation URL to force the use of the HTML5 player and gain access to speed control. 

Embeddable players

Embedded players have the following properties:

  • They always stretch to fit the size of the window.
  • Embedded players have a Pop Out button that when clicked launches the presentation in a new window using the full screen Player layout.
  • Typically, embedded players will occupy a smaller on-screen footprint on the web page in which it is embedded. This affects the clarity of presentation playback so being able to watch a presentation in a full screen view is helpful.
  • In full-screen mode keyboard commands are limited and the pop-out (tear-off) mode provides an alternative to the full screen playback.
  • A presentation using an embedded Player layout should always be watched in the page where it is embedded. Using the presentation link to watch the presentation will significantly affect the playback experience because the presentation will try to stretch to fit the window.
  • The share presentation button is not displayed for embedded players since they will be embedded in a web page and direct links to the presentations using embedded players are not recommended.

Mediasite Service Requests

Mediasite captures what you do - exactly how you do it! Please contact National Centre for Teaching and Learning via the Stream support webpage for assistance in getting the most out of your media-enriched online course content.

We do require you to fill in the Mediasite Service Request Form before we can consider or confirm your request.  

Mediasite Desktop Recorder Access Requests

My Mediasite is a web based portal that enables individuals to create and manage content on Windows and Macintosh computers using 'Mediasite Desktop Recorder', as well as uploading User Generated video Content (UGC).

We do require you to fill in the Mediasite Desktop Recorder Request Form before we can consider or confirm your request.  NB:  Student Requests for access to My Mediasite will not be processed. .

My Mediasite Guides

Guides and Processes