Mediasite playback on Linux operating systems

Mediasite playback on Linux platforms is supported in a limited capacity. Currently only on-demand playback is supported, and installation of additional software or codecs may be necessary.

Mediasite 6.0.2 and later:

Mediasite supports on-demand presentation playback on the Linux platform. Prior to Mediasite version 6.0.2, on-demand Mediasite presentations could be played back on Linux, if presentation content was encoded in Windows Media Format, Moonlight was installed and the Classic Player was used to playback presentations.

With Mediasite version 6.0.2, Mediasite will no longer support playback of Windows Media Format on the Linux platform. Instead, Mediasite will support on-demand presentation playback of H.264 content packaged as MP4. This requires Linux users to install the necessary codecs needed to playback H.264 content. In addition, Linux users will also require an appropriate browser that will be able to use the H.264 codecs with the HTML5 media element. The player selected will not matter.

Installation of necessary browsers, support software and video codecs varies per Linux distribution.

Sonic Foundry has tested, on-demand presentation play back with H.264 content in MP4 format with the Chromium web browser and FFmpeg plugin. We used the following installation procedures to set up the Linux System for testing:

Mediasite 6.0.1 and earlier:

Playback of Mediasite presentations on Linux is accomplished via the Moonlight Project, an open source implementation of Microsoft Silverlight. For more installation on the installation and configuration of Moonlight, please visit their page here.

Please note that only the Classic Mediasite Player is supported for Linux playback. The Silverlight Mediasite Player requires Silverlight version 3.0 or later, which is not yet available on Linux. There is a preview version of Moonlight 3.0 that some users have had success with, but it is not officially supported by Sonic Foundry.

Mediasite 6 added the capability to view presentations in HTML5, if configured on the server. If a presentation is played back on Linux and Moonlight is not installed, then the playback should roll over to HTML5 and work properly.


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