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Mediasite video content playback

This article outlines the different video playback mechanisms used by Mediasite across supported desktop platforms and browsers.  


IE11 IE9 & 10 IE7 & 8 Chrome Firefox
Smooth Streaming Silverlight Silverlight Silverlight Silverlight Silverlight
MP4 HRML5 HTML5 Silverlight HTML5 *See below
Windows media Silverlight Windows Media Player Windows Media Player Silverlight Silverlight

*Firefox supports native MP4 playback in version 21 and up on Windows 7 and Windows 8, and in version 22 and up on Windows Vista; Silverlight will be required if using a lower version.

Note: Silverlight will be used for MP4 playback in all browsers under Windows XP.

Mac OS X:

Safari Firefox
Smooth Streaming Silverlight Silverlight
MP4 HTML5 **See Below
Windows Media Silverlight Silverlight

**Firefox supports native MP4 playback on OS X 10.8 and later; Silverlight will be required when using Firefox to view Mediasite content on earlier versions of OS X.


  • Content on this page comes from Sonic Foundry's Knowledge Articles.

Enabling Speed Control in html Browsers:

For individual presentations, users can append ?useHTML5=True to the end of a presentation URL to force the use of the HTML5 player and gain access to speed control. 

Mediasite Service Requests

Mediasite captures what you do - exactly how you do it! Please contact National Centre for Teaching and Learning via the Stream support webpage for assistance in getting the most out of your media-enriched online course content.

We do require you to fill in the Mediasite Service Request Form before we can consider or confirm your request.  

Mediasite Desktop Recorder Access Requests

My Mediasite is a web based portal that enables individuals to create and manage content on Windows and Macintosh computers using 'Mediasite Desktop Recorder', as well as uploading User Generated video Content (UGC).

We do require you to fill in the Mediasite Desktop Recorder Request Form before we can consider or confirm your request.  NB:  Student Requests for access to My Mediasite will not be processed. .

My Mediasite Guides

Guides and Processes