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Trouble Shooting Presentation Playback

!IMPORTANT: Please read on!

There are a number of reasons why the occasional viewer is not able to access content and these usually relate to user issues or one of the following:

Chrome version 42.0 or later is no longer supporting Silverlight:

If you already have had Silverlight installed and it is asking you to do it again there is a known reason for this in chrome (support for Silverlight in chrome permanently ends soon) so either try another browser like Firefox (link) or try this workaround:

  1. On the address bar in Chrome, type chrome://flags/#enable-npapi.
  2. In the Enable NPAPI Mac, Windows box, click Enable.
  3. Exit and then restart Chrome.
  4. Reopen the Silverlight page.
  5. Right-click the broken puzzle piece image, and then select Run this Plugin.

Read more on this issue ..

Internet Explorer 11 Playback Issue - when attempting to view a presentation that uses a Silverlight media element (Smooth Streaming or WMV) using Internet Explorer 11, playback may not function properly.

  • Sonic Foundry is currently investigating this issue, and expect to have a hotfix available soon. In the meantime, the workaround for this issue is to enable Compatibility View within IE11. 

Playback issues in Safari 7.0 and 6.1 on Mac OSWhen attempting to view a presentation via Silverlight in Safari 7.0 or 6.1 on OS X, the video does not play. This will also impact other portions of Mediasite where Silverlight is used for video playback, such as within the Web Editor application and the Recorder Monitor within Management Portal. 

  • Safari 7.0 and 6.1 include a new feature called Safari Power Saver, which is intended to disable plug-ins in order to conserve battery power.
  • When hovering over the video window of a presentation, there should be an icon that appears which you can click on in order to allow the plug-in on that webpage. However, we have seen cases where this icon does not appear properly. If this happens, you must disable Power Saver completely in order to allow the plug-in to run.
  • To disable the Power Saver function completely, enter Safari Preferences, go to the Advanced tab, and uncheck the box to "Stop plug-ins to save power". Reload the webpage containing the Mediasite presentation and it should play properly. 

    NB:  Mediasite releases 6.1.15 and 7.0.7 (and later) contain a fix for the activation icon not properly appearing. 

Bad username or Password errorcheck user credentials are correct by logging in to a computer located on campus;

  • The username and password have been entered incorrectly
  • There may be something wrong with the credentials at an Admin/Systems level
  • The user has the “CAN” status imposed by Registry for some admin reason (usually fees related). 
  • It may sometimes relate to a new user/student who hasn’t changed their password as they should do when they first log in to “MyMassey”.

    The user will still be able to access STREAM and MyMassey but not any secure presentations - Mediasite’s security is explicit.

Viewer on Campus (4001 Error) – Press F5 on the keyboard to reload the presentation; click in the address bar and press Enter on the keyboard; Use Internet Explorer

  • Issue with Chrome & Firefox browsers
  • Occurs sometimes when you click a link from an email or webpage.
  • This is usually only internal to Massey’s network.

Viewer at Home (4001 Error) – Home user needs to check their internet connection; Check internet usage meter supplied by ISP (Xtra, Telstra, Inspire etc).

  • There is not sufficient bandwidth
  • Wireless in low signal areas
  • User exceeded broadband cap and has been throttled back to dial up speeds.
  • Dial up users

Viewer at their Place of Work (Other than Massey) (4001 Error) – The work user needs to check a few things out (see below) with their system administrator/s

  • Streaming media or Silverlight  at work may be seen as “Entertainment” and is blocked at the firewall or proxy.
  • This error can occur when you go through an authenticated proxy in order to get to the internet: In order to use the Silverlight-based players, you must add an exception for the Mediasite server (http://webcast.massey.ac.nz) to the proxy server as Silverlight does not currently provide a means to authenticate with a proxy server

Viewer on a Mobile devices - Mediasite 6.0 introduced support for iOS devices, as well as other mobile platforms.

Notes:  If  external (i.e. physically accessing content Off-Campus) viewers cannot access webcasts from their homes/work and/or other institutions they should also try to access the presentations at alternative physical locations (Work/Other institution/Home/Library/Campus/Friends house).

  • Particularly if they experience difficulty at their place of work
  • Some Govt. Departments and other Orgs. block Streaming Media

Other resources:


Still no joy? Please contact Stream Hotline with the following.

Include as much information as you can (please see below) so that this request may be assigned to the correct section of ITS. 

We need to know as much of the following as possible please:

  • Catalogue URL/link or URL to specific presentation (in the case of an isolated incidence)
  • Catalogue or Presentation Title
  • Browser (e.g. Internet explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc)
  • Operating system (e.g. Windows XP, Windows 7, MAC OSX etc)
  • Connection type (Broadband, Modem)
  • From where they trying to access the links (Campus/Home/Work – bus/org, country etc)
  • Any error message (a screen dump is very useful) – see:  How do I capture screen shots on the ITS Help page, Frequently Asked Questions (Macintosh page or Windows page)

Mediasite Service Requests

Mediasite captures what you do - exactly how you do it! Please contact National Centre for Teaching and Learning via the Stream support webpage for assistance in getting the most out of your media-enriched online course content.

We do require you to fill in the Mediasite Service Request Form before we can consider or confirm your request.  

Mediasite Desktop Recorder Access Requests

My Mediasite is a web based portal that enables individuals to create and manage content on Windows and Macintosh computers using 'Mediasite Desktop Recorder', as well as uploading User Generated video Content (UGC).

We do require you to fill in the Mediasite Desktop Recorder Request Form before we can consider or confirm your request.  NB:  Student Requests for access to My Mediasite will not be processed. .

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