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Lecture Capture Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs):

What do I need to do to make it Start and Stop?

The recording will start at the schedule time ("computer time" not necessarily what's displayed on the in-room clock) and it will stop after the set duration (length of the recording).  

How do I know it is actually working?

There is a Recording light in all the rooms mounted on the Lectern (Small rooms) or in the Projection booths (large rooms). If the Recording light is not on when you expect it to be (i.e. you have a recording scheduled) please call Stream Hotline on 83024 and we can usually get it started with in a few minutes.

What is actually being recorded?

Mediasite captures video of the presenter and the in-room audio then synchronizes it automatically to slides of whatever is being projected.  To change what is being projected to the Document Camera for example, you need to use the AV Controller panel found on the lectern in each room.  You can write, draw etc on an Acetate or even show samples, specimens.  Some instructors print off questions and answer them  on the document camera.

IMPORTANT!! In the dual projection rooms (Rooms with 2 projectors) the "Stage Left" projector must be on displaying an image for it to be recorded.  Please follow this link to view a diagram.

Does the system pick up a laser pointer or the mouse cursor?

No it doesn't as the system makes a screen capture directly from the AV Sources selected.  We suggest the following options as a solution:

  • Verbally point:  for example, "The image at the top left of the screen, titled figure 1, illustrates ...".
  • When using PowerPoint, use background shapes to highlight areas of interest or use (fly-in) arrows/pointers.

Is there any hi-tech gadgetry I need to learn how to use?

No there isn't.  Just do what you would normally do.

Can my recordings go longer than the timetabled slot just in case I go overtime?

The short answer is no.  Apart from room bookings actually being allocated in 50 minute slots not 1 hour anyway, the system needs 5 minutes to close the current session, publish the recording and then be ready to open the following session.

Where should I stand?

There is no requirement to stand in any one spot however:

  • If you stand ON the large rubber Mat, the camera will zoom in.
  • If you are OFF the large rubber Mat, the camera goes to a wide shot.
  • If something/someone is on the Mat and the presenter is not [on the mat], the "thing" on the mat is in shot but the presenter will not be.

I.e. Make sure the mat has nothing left on it.

Do I need to wear the wireless lapel microphone?

If you are likely to wander away from the lectern microphone in particular, or have a quiet voice then yes please ensure you wear the wireless lapel microphone or your audio may be inaudible (can't be heard or poor quality).  It is good practice to take a couple of spare AA batteries as there is no way to tell exactly how much "juice" is left and the microphone may go flat during your session.

What do I do about in-room participants not being heard by those watching online?

We recommend the following:

  • The Presenter should repeat (or paraphrase) the question for the benefit of the online audience.
  • There is normally a handheld wireless microphone in these rooms that may be handed to the person asking the question
  • Add a "Question Asked" slide in post production using the online editor (see using the online editor guide) for the on demand online audience

Can I edit my Lecture Capture Presentations?

Yes using the Mediasite Online Editor, via your My Mediasite Portal (http://webcast.massey.ac.nz/mediasite/mymediasite)

Why does the MAC that I use for my lectures record a black screen instead of slides but in the room it looks fine?

Anything running HD (1080) via HDMI or DisplayPort has potential to have embedded HDCP (High Definition Copy Protection) in the content being played back or the equipment its self.  MACs with HD Monitors default to the HDCP "flag" being on and it doesn’t pass the “its ok” command through our AV equipment in the room.  

The result is a Black Screen being recorded by the recorder as the recorder (any recording device) is not permitted to record content that is perceived as being Copy Protected.

NB:  The workaround for now is to use the VGA Adapter.