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My Mediasite

Mediasite lecture Capture is a service available in specially equipped lecture theaters where lectures, public presentations, conferences, workshops, symposia and other events are:

  • automatically webcast live & recorded.
  • uploaded automatically to the University's servers.
  • managed, secured and made available.

To use this service it must first be requested by completing the online Mediasite Service Request Form.  This service encompasses all three campuses.  For a full list of rooms and help getting started, visit the Lecture Capture FAQs page.

Your My Mediasite Portal provides access to the Mediasite Desktop Recorder (MDR) for creation and editing of:

  • videos
  • screencasts
  • slideshows

Please note:  To be able to create and upload videos, please fill in and submit the Mediasite Desktop Recorder Access Request Form and it will be processed asap.  

To log directly into the My Mediasite web portal, follow this link while help is available at the My Mediasite FAQs page.

Important MY MEDIASITE Update Notification!

A of today Friday 8th February 2019, your My Mediasite Portal will look a little different as we have just completed a significant upgrade.  All though most of the work completed was under the hood, you will notice some differences to the look & feel of your Mediasite experience.

Here is the latest My Mediasite User Guide to download - more updated guides will follow however, this one covers of most of what we do.

Help and Support

If you are having difficulty accessing any Mediasite content, please read through the Accessing Mediasite Content Guide - as it addresses the majority of the know issues relating to accessibility - or:

NB:  To report a fault please contact the ITS Service Desk on extension 82111 as they will directed your inquiry to the appropriate section.

Mediasite Service Requests

Mediasite captures what you do - exactly how you do it! Please contact National Centre for Teaching and Learning via the Stream support webpage for assistance in getting the most out of your media-enriched online course content.

We do require you to fill in the Mediasite Service Request Form before we can consider or confirm your request.  

Mediasite Desktop Recorder Access Requests

My Mediasite is a web based portal that enables individuals to create and manage content on Windows and Macintosh computers using 'Mediasite Desktop Recorder', as well as uploading User Generated video Content (UGC).

We do require you to fill in the Mediasite Desktop Recorder Request Form before we can consider or confirm your request.  NB:  Student Requests for access to My Mediasite will not be processed. .

My Mediasite Guides

Guides and Processes

Defining Media

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