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Mediasite guide - managing your webcasted event


When planning to webcast a live event it is important to understand the capabilities and limitations of the available technology in order to manage the expectations of the presenters as well as the "in-room" and online audiences. This document discusses different approaches so you are in a position to make informed decisions as to how you will facilitate your event.

How is the presenter's voice recorded for a Webcast?

One of the most difficult aspects of creating good lecture capture content is recording good audio. Our Level 5 (L5) and above lecture theatres have excellent audio equipment permanently situated in the rooms, either fixed mounted or located in a pull-out draw on the lectern. Audio equipment in the room normally consists of:

  • 1x Lectern Microphone
  • 1x Wireless Lapel
  • 1x Wireless Hand held Microphone
  • many rooms also have 2 or more Board Microphones mounted close to the white boards

To obtain good audio levels for recordings in these room it is essential all presenters - all those requiring their voice to be recorded and be audible via the Webcast - do one of the following:

  • Wear the Wireless lapel Microphone (recommended and best result)
  • Use the Wireless Handheld Microphone (recommended for question sessions from the audience)
  • Remain in close proximity to the fixed lectern microphone (absolute minimum requirement)

Please Note: Battery life for the wireless devices is limited to 5 - 7 Hrs of continuous operation. It is recommended that the presenter manages batteries themselves to ensure a fresh battery is used on every occasion.

How are in-room Q&As managed so the online audience can hear these also?

There are a few good strategies frequently adopted to accomplish this:

  • Ideally the presenter would repeat the entire question, summarise the question or answer the question in the context it was asked.
  • Lecturers may also defer questions to the STREAM discussion forums, tutorials or Connect meetings etc., to ensure an "even playing field" for both internal and externally enrolled students.

With regard to symposia, workshops and other facilitated events the following strategy has worked very well:

  • During announcements or house-keeping, make sure the audience is aware that the session/s is being recorded and webcast to a live audience.
  • For the benefit of the on-line audience as well as later on-demand viewing, questions may need to be kept until designated QA times. On many occasions the audience is simply asked to write any questions down that pop into their heads and keep them until after the presentation have concluded.
  • During QA, those that do wish to ask questions do so only when they are on possession of the wireless handheld microphone passed around by a "runner" (students helpers are very good at this).

Please Note: Consideration needs to made for the privacy of the audience. For example, have they granted permission to have their voice recorded or webcasted to a live audience?

Can the online audience interact and if so what are their options?

Yes. The Mediasite player has an "Ask Question" button which when clicked on allows the on-line audience to submit a question via a simple form to a nominated e-mail address. This may be used during a live webcast as well as later for on-demand viewing. Polls may also be set up to receive important feedback from the live audience.

For more information regarding using the Mediaiste player, please follow this link.

The practicality of the "Ask Question" button during a live Webcast requires a moderator to monitor the assigned e-mail address on a separate computer/laptop in the room. When a question is received, the moderator will take the appropriate action, which primarily will involve:

  • Ensuring the question is appropriate.
  • Summarise the question if deemed too long.
  • Request the microphone during QA.
  • Put the question to the presenter. For example, "We have a question from our on-line audience ..."

Please Note: During house-keeping or announcements it is important to alert the online audience to this capability and the location of the "Ask Question" of Poll buttons.

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