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Richmedia Production Services:

Massey University offers Richmedia/Multimedia production services to assist academic in developing course content for synchronous (live) and asynchronous teaching modes.

Synchronous: Happens in real time, for example a webcast (see Mediasite), web conference or lecture in one of our many teaching spaces.

Asynchronous: Happens in a sequential or disjoint timeframe for example pre-recorded webcast (on-demand), web content, learning/teaching objects, print material

Richmedia Production Services include:

Webcast: Utilising Mediasite Technologies we have the ability to provide your event/lecture with a high quality Webcast for both Syncronous and Asyncronous delivery.

Are you wondering how you can distribute your digital video content efficiently & securely? Utilising Mediasite's Streaming server and secure AD authentication we can provide such capability extremly simply. All you need to do is supply the video footage (digital or on media) and we will take it from there.

Mediasite streams content in the true sense (not downloaded by the viewer) which is managed, archived as well as reports generated from its elaborated server system enabling us to protect and deliver our Richmedia content in an efficient, secure and timely fashion.

Video content development: As well as the relatively straight forward media conversions, ITS can also offer a full Video Editing Service to extend to: Assisting with your storyboard, filming and directorship, video editing ... right through to achieving your desired playback media weather it be Web/Pod cast, on video, PC/MAC or menu driven DVD.

Contact our media guru to accompany you on a field trip or expedition. Capturing those once in a life time shots can be achieved more frequently when the camera-person has had experience.

Ever need to capture a frame from a video, digital or otherwise - we can do that too.

Post production: Digital Video (DV) capture capabilities to take your media and turn into digital media such as MPEG1, MPEG2, DVD, AVI, WMV, Flash for use with in your online learning environment, 'stand alone' or insert into PowerPoint to enhance your presentation.

Bring along that video footage of your latest overseas expedition and have it turned into an attractive segment or publication piece. Have video interlace with still photography and even add graphs and other graphical imagery. Subtiltles and headings are also not a problem.

Video Conversion and digitalisations: All video work - online or on transportable media - is done adhering to best practices and web/TV delivery standards ensuring maximum accessibility/compatibility with all playback equipment (PC, MAC, VHS Player, DVD etc).

Conversions from the American TV standard NTSC to PAL is achievable, as are:

  • tape to tape
  • tape to DVD
  • DVD to tape
  • DV - VHS

Image manipulations: Slide and photo scanning, digital photography and creative image manipulations by an experienced designer ensure you get a great result every time!

Consultancy: If you need to talk to an expert in any of these areas mentioned above or at the least be pointed in the right direction, please log a request with the ITS Service Desk.

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Massey University has won the Excellence in Education Award for outstanding achievement in enhancing learning and outreach through rich media at the Mediasite user conference in the United States. Click here to view the winning award submission or the Massey News item


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Mediasite captures what you do - exactly how you do it! Please contact CADeL via their STREAM support webpage for assistance in getting the most out of your media-enriched online course content.


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