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Stream course creation services

The Materials Production Unit in Student Administration can assist with a number of tasks to help you create your Stream course. Please contact Rhys Hodge at R.J.Hodge@massey.ac.nz for further details. 

A full list of services are listed below.

Creation and uploading of material and resources

  • Scanning of readings and creation of individual PDF files.  Contact the Digital Innovation Team readinglists@massey.ac.nz 

    We have high quality scanners to ensure the best standard of file for uploading onto Stream, with smaller file sizes to assist students who wish to download them while maintaining copyright.

  • Adding of links to other webpages.

    Where copyright prevents Massey University from providing a printed version of a journal article we can source a stable link from the library and place it onto Stream.

  • Conversion of administration and study guides into book resources.

    Book resources are easier to view and upload faster than a PDF and are created in a more accessible format for students with disabilities. They are also easily editable by teachers.

  • Embedding of media files.

    Audio files and PowerPoint presentations can be uploaded to a Stream site so that students can view them. This can be particularly useful for lectures and guest speakers.

    Other media files such as YouTube videos can also be embedded on Stream or a link provided.

Site maintenance

  • Creation of blocks and labels on the Stream site for content to be added to.

    Additional blocks can be added at any time to a site for more content and labels are useful for separating out material within a block.

  • Create quizzes, glossaries and forums on the site.

  • Grouping of students based on Lab Choices.

  • Set up assignment drop boxes.
    • Activating Turnitin.
    • Setting the due date information based on the administration guide.
    • Mapping to the appropriate assignment if the Course Diary was submitted advising of online submission.