Pukeahu ki Tua Projects

Pukeahu ki Tua has three objectives:

  1. Developing a culture of collaboration across Massey University
  2. Creating more transdisciplinary opportunities
  3. Growing global citizens by creating more opportunities for entrepreneurship, employability, and experiential learning.

All 2017 projects will continue to be delivered in alignment with the principles of the Road to 2025, Kia Mārama, Pearls of Wisdom, Rainbow Tick, and the Okanagan Charter.

2017 Objectives High School students from St Cuthbert’s College take part in a creative activism conference at Massey University.High School students from St Cuthbert’s College take part in a creative activism conference at Massey University. #create1world

1. Develop a culture of collaboration

  1. Establish an Executive Group which:
    1. Supports Massey University's strategic development by collectively focussing on Wellington campus strategic issues and making high level recommendations to the university
    2. Models collaborative ways of working and communicating across the campus
    3. Encourages staff and students to give input and feedback on Massey University initiatives and ensure their voices are heard
  2. Implement sections of the University Strategy on the Wellington campus using an iterative, co-created, collaborative methodology
    1. Use Pukeahu ki Tua Living Lab project lessons to inform and develop university strategic projects
  3. Support the development of an internal and external engagement strategy in collaboration with External Relations which:
    1. Adds value to the Massey University story by sharing knowledge from the Wellington campus and strengthens Wellington-based stakeholder engagement
    2. Enables Massey University in Wellington to be the primary host for local high school support networks such as the Loop Trust, building relationships and support networks with future students and local stakeholders

2. Creating more transdisciplinary opportunities

  1. Create a bid for funds to develop a transdisciplinary, university event themed around connecting students and their ideas about sustainability with key government stakeholders
  2. Create a research programme bid to conduct a transdisciplinary project relating to an important social issue by Massey academic staff in conjunction with a government agency
  3. Develop a model for transdisciplinary research practice which can be turned into a taught programme for future Massey students

3. Growing global citizens

  1. Bid for funding to run the 2017 Contestable Fund through Campus Co-Lab resources.
  2. Use what was learned from events for high school students such as Create1World 2016 to model more student outreach events in 2017 such as National Biomechanics Day, 3 April 2017