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Sexually harmful behaviours

Massey University is committed to supporting a learning environment that is free from sexually harmful behaviours. You are entitled to study, socialise, and work in an environment of safety and respect. We take reports of concerning behaviour seriously.

Sexually harmful behaviours—including sexual harassment, sexual assault, and bullying of any kind—undermine safety and respect, and may be a breach of the University’s Code of Conduct.

If you are feeling unsafe or have experienced behaviours at University or within the Halls of Residence that concern you, there are a variety of avenues open to you.

International students

If you're an international student please be aware that:

  • Making a report of concerning behaviour will not impact your visa.
  • Any information you provide will not be passed on to your family or other universities unless you request that this information is shared.

What to do when a sexual assault has just happened

When a sexual assault has just happened, make sure you're now safe and get some support from a friend, flatmate or family member.

Attend to any serious physical injuries. Go to the Hospital Emergency Department. Your physical health takes precedence over forensic work. The hospital will call the Police if you want them to.

When a sexual assault occurs, it is important that you:

  • Do NOT shower, bath, wash clothes or eat and drink (if there has been oral contact with saliva or semen) until you make a decision about involving the Police because you will be destroying forensic evidence.
  • Collect any urine you pass – any container will do – and note the time. Put it in the fridge or freezer. This is really important, if you think you may have been drugged.
  • Do not wash or throw away the clothing you were wearing during the assault as you may also destroy forensic evidence
  • Do not tidy up or move things in the place where the sexual assault occurred.
  • Seek professional help as below. Their services are FREE.
  • Dial 111 and ask for Police

If you're on campus call Massey Security once you've reported the incident to the Police. You can also contact your Hall's Duty Manager, if you're in a Massey Hall of Residence.

What to do when the assault happened a while ago 

You can still report a rape or sexual assault if it happened to you days, weeks, months, or even years ago. Contact the New Zealand Police directly by either phoning or visiting your nearest police station.

If you are now residing overseas and are considering laying a complaint in regards to offending that occurred in New Zealand, then please contact the Sexual Violence Team at Police National Headquarters for advice:

More information about making a police report can be found on the New Zealand Police website.

Making a report

Massey University respects the rights of all survivors/victims of sexually harmful behaviours to be in control of decisions affecting them, wherever practicable.


Information provided to the University will be treated as confidential and will not be shared or disclosed without your knowledge and consent except in limited circumstances.

Contacts for support services

We have professional staff available to help you. We've compiled a list of support services available at Massey and with external agencies.


Support for victims and survivors

If you, or someone you are aware of, has experienced sexual assault or harassment you can receive specialist support from trained professionals.

Support for students who have been alleged to have engaged in harmful behaviours

There are options for seeking advice both on and off campus if you have been alleged to have engaged in harmful behaviours.

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