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Student exchange experiences in North America


California State University, Chico

Courtney Bilderbeck.jpg Courtney Bilderbeck
Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication Design)
“It really was the ‘American College’ experience! Everything was so big and everyone lived and breathed the university.”  Read more…

Fiona Lai - CSU Chico.jpg Fiona Lai
Bachelor of Design with Honours (Visual Communication Design)
Fiona's Instagram page

Amanda Senior - CSU Chico.jpg Amanda Senior
Bachelor of Design (Photography)
“An experience of a lifetime would be an understatement. It was beyond magic, easily shaping my life extraordinarily for the better and changing the way I think and see the world. My wings have expanded, along with my mind, greatly! Absolutely liberating.”  Read more…
American Dreamcatching is Amanda's full length movie about her experiences.

Chapman University (ISEP)

Remy Morgan - Chapman University.jpg Remy Morgan
Bachelor of Business Studies (Accounting and Finance)

"The exchange challenged my perspectives and helped me to grow as a person; I have learnt to be more independent and responsible and have learnt invaluable life skills. Along my journey I have also made some fantastic new friends who I feel have had a very positive influence on my life. While it was very challenging being away from family and close ones for so long, I am extremely glad that I took advantage of this amazing opportunity." Read more...

Colorado State University

Kala Hunter - Colorado State.jpg Kala Hunter
Bachelor of Science (Agricultural Science)
“I would definitely recommend going to CSU! It was such an awesome university. They have a huge amount of pride and school spirit.”  Read more…

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Yixuan Cheng - ERAU.jpg Yixuan Cheng
Bachelor of Aviation Management
“I feel so proud to have the chance to present Massey and New Zealand here. I found out Massey has very good reputation here, study aboard staff, lecturers and students are all familiar with Massey.” Read more…

Peter Wheeler - ERAU.jpg Peter Wheeler
Bachelor of Aviation (ATP)
"I believe that having attended Embry Riddle, I will have something unique to put on my resume and an advantage over other candidates when applying for jobs." Read more...

amber_brierly_-_erau.jpg Amber Brierly
Bachelor of Aviation Management
"I have made some really strong friendships from around the world and that’s something I’ll always have." Read more...

Loyola University New Orleans

Laura Harkness.jpg Laura Harkness
Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication Design)
“Within the first weeks we were off on a road trip to Florida, later we also spent a long weekend in Los Angles and spent Thanksgiving in Mexico. These were definitely highlights. It was also cool being able to build a lifestyle with new people in a new place.”  Read more…
Laura’s blog

Sophia Dempsey
Bachelor of Communications
“The campus is beautiful, and there’s so much community focused there. It’s in a beautiful part of the city and easy to get to the French Quarter and back on public transport.”  Read more…

Mandy Cooper - Loyola.jpg Mandy Cooper
Bachelor of Communication (Journalism)
“The main thing I have learnt from this whole experience is that if you want something to happen you have to do it yourself. I wanted to study abroad and so (with the help of Massey and Loyola) I made it happen. And I couldn’t have dreamed of a better experience.” Read more…

brian_winter_-_loyola.jpg Brian Winter
Bachelor of Arts (History)
"New Orleans is a city which everyone should visit at least once in their life. The people are friendly, music is everywhere and the culture is completely different to the rest of the United States, the festivals that go on during Mardi Gras sees an entire city celebrate its place in the world." Read more...

Montana State University

Samantha Stokes - Montana State.jpg Samantha Stokes
Bachelor of Design with Honours (Industrial Design)

Samantha's blog

New Mexico State University (ISEP)

anette_crawshaw_-_new_mexico.jpg Annette Crawshaw
Postgraduate Diploma in AgriCommerce
"The benefits of going on exchange were more than I could ever imagine; both academically and personal gain - you learn so much incidentally and grow as a person." Read more...

North Carolina State University (ISEP)

Aidan Moyle
Bachelor of Engineering with Honours (Product Development)

"I had the opportunity do a really great industry sponsored project." Read more...

Northern Arizona University (ISEP)

Anna Wilson - Northern Arizona.jpg Anna Wilson
Bachelor of Design with Honours (Fashion)
“I feel like I’ve gained direction for my future career, getting this side of fashion/costume. I always thought I might like to do something like that, and now I know for sure!”  Read more…

Purdue University

Carlos Lopez-Lozano.jpg Carlos Lopez-Lozano
Bachelor of Food Technology (Food Product Technology)
“It was excellent, communication was great and I did not have any problems during my stay.”  Read more…

Raquel Lopez-Lozano    
Bachelor of Food Technology (Food Product Development)
“I really enjoyed studying and making friends at the university. I was able to make good connections with the staff and it was awesome to study my degree in a different way.”  Read more…

University of California, Berkeley

Matthew Burt.jpg Matthew Burt
Bachelor of Business Studies (Finance, Economics)
“The friends I made were a definite highlight. Also, I got to travel around California and the surrounding states; Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Arizona and Nevada. The scenery is amazing and ever changing.”  Read more…

Katelin Bull
Bachelor of Design with Honours (Visual Communication Design)
"There is a lot of industry in the area of my chosen subjects which gives opportunity for networking and possible work after I graduate." Read more...

University of California, Davis

James Xu James Xu
Bachelor of Engineering

"I am very satisfied with this trip. It has exceeded my expectations in many ways. I have seen a lot famous places, such as Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Zion, Death Valley, Silicon Valley etc." Read more...

University of California, Los Angeles

Jess Adlam - UCLA.jpg Jess Adlam
Bachelor of Fine Arts
“I also just think that it's such an amazing feeling when you turn up to a completely new place and have the chance to start completely fresh. I found myself really pushing to do things that I would never have done at home and to go out of my way to meet people.”  Read more…

University of California, Santa Barbara

Hannah Merritt - UC Santa Barbara.jpg Hannah Merritt
Bachelor of Communication (Public Relations)
"I joined the excursion club which took me hiking, rock climbing, and bouldering! That was pretty crazy." Read more...

Georgia McGillivray
Bachelor of Communication

"UCSB more than met my expectations, it blew my mind. The campus was massive and beautiful and the lifestyle was incredible being able to go and study on the beach in between classes." Read more...

University of Montana

James Hart
Bachelor of Business Studies (Finance)

"The whole experience was far more than I expected. I had the time of my life." Read more...

University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Natalie Nikora - UNCG.jpg

Natalie Nikora
Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)

“I feel more worldly and a lot more independent. I can’t wait to travel to different countries!” Read more...

University of Wisconsin, Madison

Christina Yun
Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication Design)
“I have loved every minute of being a college student and it is exactly like what you see in the movies! The whole atmosphere of being at college was amazing; from moving into your dorm room to the team spirit at a football game it was an experience I will never forget.”  Read more…

Laine Moger - Wisconsin.jpg Laine Moger
Bachelor of Communications (Journalism)
“It’s a real adventure, and to for me it was like stepping into a movie. I can’t even really articulate why it’s great, I just feel like you have to do it to find out.” Read more…

Spancer Fan - Wisconsin, Madison.jpg Spancer Fan (Jialiang)
Bachelor of Science (AgriScience)
“Do the exchange one year instead on a semester, because a semester is just not enough!! Trust me on it!!”  Read more…


Mount Royal University

Dale Euinton.jpg Dale Euinton
Bachelor of Business (Finance)
Videos of Dale’s Canadian adventures and exploration of Grassi Lakes

University of Calgary

Anna O’Hara
Bachelor of Science (Earth Science and Geography)
“I went on several of the international student excursions, and also joined the outdoors club, hiking nearly every weekend. I also went caving, used the free gyms on campus, and attended a variety of quiz nights, board games nights, and movie nights.”  Read more…

Antonia McGhie.jpg Antonia McGhie
Bachelor of Science (Zoology)
“I also feel more independent knowing I am capable of travelling overseas alone, and while it is a great country, the time away gave me a new appreciation for New Zealand.”  Read more…

Catherine McManus - Calgary.jpg Catherine McManus
Bachelor of Science (Geography)
"You gain a wealth of knowledge that no book could ever teach you, and this applies to every aspect of your exchange. It is the best way to learn about the culture and traditions of another country, as you are thrown right into it." Read more...

Emma-Louise Hunsley
Bachelor of Science (Zoology)
"I found myself changing my study habits for the better without really thinking about it." Read more...

Kyle Dudley
Bachelor of Health Science (Sport and Exercise)
"Canadians are arguably the friendliest people on the planet." Read more...

University of Northern British Columbia

Ariana Blackwood.jpg Ariana Blackwood
Master of Science (Environmental Science)
"Almost every weekend has been spent away on a camping adventure to some breath taking destination with fantastic scenery and even more fantastic people."
September 2015 Update
Final questionnaire

catherine bignell.JPG Catherine Bignell
Bachelor of Business Studies (Economics, International Business)
"UNBC has great systems in place, Prince George is a cool place, and Canada is an awesome, awesome destination!  Exchange was one of the best things I could have done at University." Read more...

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