Centre for Advanced Retail Studies

We are the only research centre in New Zealand focused on the exciting, diverse, dynamic and growing retail industry. We are defining retail research and business engagement.

What we do

We aim to be a centre of excellence dedicated to advancing the knowledge base of retailing in New Zealand and internationally. We were established in 2015.

Retail is a key driving force of the global economy. Through our research and networks, we promote, connect, and help realise the university’s strategic priorities around the themes of:

  • agrifood business (particularly at the Auckland campus)
  • creativity
  • innovation
  • sustainability
  • health and wellbeing
  • society.

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Find us

We are based at the Massey Business School on the Auckland campus.

Massey Business School, Auckland 0632, New Zealand

Our objectives

The objectives of the Centre for Advanced Retail Studies (CARS) are to:

  • deliver world leading and internationally excellent publications and high impact research outcomes by studying the changing dynamics and composition of retailing, its managerial implications, as well as wider social and cultural significance
  • influence public policy and practice through engagement with the wider community by employing our applied research expertise to research that is relevant to the demands of the retail industry in New Zealand and internationally
  • further our national and international research network to strengthen our visibility and collaboration
  • expand our retail partnerships within Massey University both within Massey Business School and across the other Colleges
  • support the submission of substantial, multi-disciplinary proposals for grant funding and knowledge exchange projects, through the on-going development of awareness, skills and relationships amongst colleagues and external stakeholders
  • support the next generation of creative and innovative research students and post-doc scholars who will be independent in their thinking and learning, and motivated in their desire to contribute by exposing them to and involving in CARS research projects and relationships

Strategic partners and international collaborators

The Centre for Advanced Retail Studies has a series of partnerships with key retailers and industry level organisations that help realise our strategic objectives.

We also collaborate internationally with a variety of universities and organisations on research projects, exchange programmes, and teaching initiatives.

International collaborators

Australian Consumer, Retail, and Services (ACRS) Research Unit, Monash University


School of Retail and Services Management, Dublin Institute for Technology


Department of Marketing, Retail and International Business, University of Surrey

United Kingdom

Institute for Retail Studies, Stirling University

United Kingdom

Ted Rogers School of Retail Management, Ryerson University


SKKU Business School

KODIA logo

Korea Distribution Association (KODIA)


Strategic partners

The Warehouse Group

The Warehouse Group is New Zealand's largest retail group, made up of The Warehouse, Warehouse Stationery, Noel Leeming and Torpedo7. Massey's Centre for Advanced Retail Studies (CARS) collaborates with The Warehouse Group to help realise our strategic objectives.

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FirstRetail logo

First Retail Group

First Retail Group are experts in developing potential, driving performance and managing risk - advising and enabling consumer-facing sectors including retail, hospitality, healthcare and tourism.

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Retail NZ logo

Retail NZ

Service IQ logo

Service IQ

Research and study

Retailing is a key driving force of the global economy. As a leading research-intensive university, we take retail education and research seriously.

Study business at Massey

Retail studies has played an integral part in building Massey’s longstanding and world-leading reputation in the areas of agriculture, agribusiness, and related fields.

Research strengths

Learn more about our research strengths.

Retail and services management

Massey Business School has significant research strengths in retail marketing, strategy and internationalisation, services operations and management, retail structures and organisation, retail banking and finance, retail law, property, and the retail-tourism interface.

Agrifood business

Agrifood business includes highly innovative and important industries that span the food value chain from molecule to mouth. Massey's integrated expertise positions us to play a key role in solving world issues like population expansion, pandemics, global warming, and food security.

Agrifood at Massey

Consumer behaviour

Massey is recognised for its leading research and expertise in the fields of consumer behaviour, as well as research into consumer and material cultures. The research spans the disciplinary domains of psychology, sociology, and cultural and social geography.

Business analytics

Massey conducts world-leading research in the area of business analytics. This includes the evaluation of the effects of retail-related marketing activities such as price, promotion, advertising, assortment, distribution, and loyalty programmes over time due to various factors.

Human resource management

Massey Business School has considerable expertise in human resource management, with a particular focus on retail issues and problems. This is conducted within the Massey People, Organisation, Work and Employment Research (MPOWER) group.

Find out more about MPOWER

Health implications for retail

The broader social welfare implications of retail systems and managerial practices are a notable emphasis of the research conducted in the College of Health and College of Sciences.

Logistics and supply chain in retail

The highly-regarded Logistics and Supply Chain group is located within the College of Sciences. The group's expertise is focussed on the behavioural dimensions of industrial networks, supply chain collaborations, and performance.

Design, branding and communications

The design aspects of retail environments (both structures and interiors), as well as branding and communications, is the focus of innovative and cutting-edge research both within Massey Business School and Toi Rauwhārangi College of Creative Arts.


Watch the Retail ReBoot series of free webinars by the Massey Business School. They explore the challenges of doing business in the time of COVID-19 and help provide some guidance and reassurance as we pivot to the new normal.

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What the industry says

Watch members of the retail industry speak about the Centre for Advanced Retail studies in these videos:

Big Issues in Retail survey

We have led a number of initiatives to isolate and debate the big issues, and provide a platform to bridge the academic-practitioner divide.

One of these was the Big Issues in Retail survey. For this research, we partnered with:

The research sought to capture the key priorities, issues, challenges and opportunities for New Zealand retailers.

Staying relevant for retailers

The information and data provided by survey respondents created a snapshot of the retail sector, helping us understand their specific needs and requirements. It meant Massey and Monash Universities were able to continue research that is important to the retail industry.

We were also able to make sure we provide relevant educational and training degrees for those who wish to make a career of – or grow their professional development skills – within the retail sector, now and into the future.

It was also important for Retail NZ to gather information about the trends in retail. This helped them identify the issues that are important to retailers, so they can lobby central and local government on their behalf.

The survey

The first annual survey was completed in January 2016, and the results were presented at Retail NZ’s shop.kiwi International Forum.

The 2017 survey was completed in September 2017, and the findings were discussed in the local and national media.

Download Big Issues in Retail Survey Reports

Our people


Professor Jonathan Elms – The Sir Stephen Tindall Chair in Retail Management.

Deputy director

  • Dr Andrew Murphy.

Massey faculty

  • Professor Jim Arrowsmith
  • Dr Sandy Bulmer
  • Dr Andrew Cardow
  • Professor Paul Childerhouse
  • Professor Juliana Mansvelt
  • Trish O’Sullivan
  • Professor Jane Parker
  • Associate Professor Janet Sayers.

Research students

  • Kousar Sadeghzadeh
  • Simon Moore.

Visiting professors

  • Professor Sean Sands (Director of the Customer Experience and Insight (CXI) Research Group, Swinburne Business School)
  • Professor Marnik Dekimpe Research (Tilburg University, the Netherlands, and KU Leuven, Belgium).

Contact us

Massey Business School


Massey Business School, Kaupapa Whai Pakihi
Massey University
Private Bag 102904
North Shore
Auckland 0745


+64 9 414 0800 extension 43323


Massey Business School, Kaupapa Whai Pakihi
Massey University
Private Bag 102904
North Shore
Auckland 0745

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