Virtual Study Abroad programme , Hōtaka ako māriko ki tāwāhi

Travel restrictions don’t have to stop you having your New Zealand experience – you can study at Massey from home with our Virtual Study Abroad programme.

Massey is a global leader in online learning – each semester, we offer thousands of courses that are designed to be taught online.

With our Virtual Study Abroad programme, you can take Massey courses online, without needing to travel to New Zealand. You'll earn credits you can transfer back to your home university. You'll meet students from New Zealand Aotearoa and other countries in your online classes, and get an international education experience that will impress future employers.

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How it works

As a Virtual Study Abroad student, you'll:

  • take up to four online courses in one semester
  • earn 15 Massey credits for each course you take – this is about the same as three to four US semester credits, 7.5 ECTS, or 15 CATS
  • transfer your credits back to your degree programme at your home university.

What you can study

Choose from courses in your subject, or take one of our specialist courses in New Zealand history, society or ecology, or Māori language or culture. You can take any online course, as long as:

  • the course is the right level for you
  • you meet the requirements listed on the course page
  • the online learning requirement is Fully Taught Online – check the course page to find out.

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Understanding course levels at Massey

At Massey, we give each course a six-digit number.

The first three numbers tell you what subject a course is in. The fourth digit tells you the year of study:

  • 131100 is a first-year undergraduate course
  • 131200 is a second-year undergraduate course
  • 131300 is a third-year undergraduate course
  • 131000 is a pre-degree course – don't choose one of these, as you won't get credit for it at your home university.

For postgraduate courses at Massey, the fourth digit is seven. For master's courses it's eight.

  • 131700 is a postgraduate honours course
  • 131804 is a master's course.


Virtual Study Abroad is cheaper than studying abroad in person or going on exchange, because you don't have to pay for travel and living expenses in New Zealand Aotearoa. The fee is NZD$2,717 tuition fee for each course you take.

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How to apply

Virtual Study Abroad has the same entry requirements, application process and application deadlines as our regular study abroad programme.

Follow the steps on this checklist to apply for Virtual Study Abroad at Massey

Fees disclaimer

This information is for estimation purposes only. Actual fees payable will be finalised on confirmation of enrolment. Unless otherwise stated, all fees shown are quoted in New Zealand dollars and include Goods and Services Tax, if any. Before relying on any information on these pages you should also read the University's Disclaimer Notice.

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