Action, Gesture and Symbol:
The Emergence of Language


Foreword by Jerome Bruner

"a landmark in contemporary developmental psychology"
David Ingleby European Journal of Social Psychology, 1980, p. 319

"Though this book contains a rich varieyty of papaers, it maintains an extraordinary clarity of focus. For the authors are all concerned (indeed sometimes preoccupied) with a single great theme - the manner in which the acquisition or origin of language relates to the uses of language in social interaction and in coping with the world of objects and events and abstractions in which social interaction occurs. ... the papers converge on what I take to be the major thrust in developmental linguistics of the past decade. It is full of riches, this book, riches of many kinds. It is also a harbinger of much good research still to come." Jerome Bruner, from the preface

A Google search in October 2010 with the term "Action, gesture and symbol: The emergence of language" returns over 16,000 citations to chapters in this book (but I haven't checked them all...)

Contributors and contents list are below. The introductory chapter is available from a collection of reprints


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Contributors v Foreword vii Preface ix Section 1: Editorial Introduction 1 The Emergence of Language ANDREW LOCK 3 Section 2: Theoretical Perspectives and a Case Study 2 The Biological and the Social M. P. M. RICHARDS 21 3 Dialogue and Development JOHN NEWSON 31 4 The Cultural Context of Communication Studies: Theoretical and methodological issues JOHN SHOTTER 43 5 The Development of Communication between Blind Infants and their Parents CATHY URWIN 79 Section 3: The Evolutionary Background 6 Some Basic Traits of Language in Wild Chimpanzees? FRANS X. PLOOIJ 111 7 Language in the Orang-utan KEITH LAIDLER 133 Section 4: Communicutive Actions and the Establishment of Gestures 8 Learning to Take an Object from the Mother HILARY GRAY 159 9 Secondary Intersubjectivity: Confidence, confiding and acts of meaning in the first year COLWYN TREVARTHEN and PENELOPE HUBLEY 183 10 The Transition from Action to Gesture ROGER A. CLARK 231 Section 5: From Gesture to Symbol 11 Sensori-motor Intelligence and Language Development DAVID INGRAM 261 12 Word and Gesture Usage by an Indian Child ALICIA NOKONY 291 13 From Sensori-motor Vocalizations to Words: A case study of the evolution of attention- directing communication in the year ANNE LINDSAY CARTER 309 14 Beyond Herodotus: The creation of language by linguistically deprived deaf children HEIDI FELDMAN, SUSAN GOLDIN-MEADOW and LILA GLEITMAN 351 15 Structural Parallels between Language and Action in Development PATRICIA MARKS GREENFIELD 415 Section 6: Symbols and Society 16 Social Relations and Early Language DEREK EDWARDS 449 17 Word, Context and Imitation LINDA FERRIER 471 18 Context, Word and Meaning: Towards a communicational analysis of lexical acquisition SUSAN R. BRAUNWALD 485 19 The Child as Psychologist: Construing the social world M. M. SHIELDS 529 References 557 Index 583