Handbook of human symbolic evolution

Edited by Andrew Lock & Chales Peters

Oxford: Clarendon Press (hb.); Blackwell (pb.)

The majority of this reference volume is available on the web from Google books

"This monumental book is a timely overview of the story so far and will surely provide a springboard for researchers in this area." Robin Dunbar (1998) Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, September, p. 556.

"The Handbook represents the realization of a comprehensive and ambitious project ... a major contribution to anthropological literature, providing source and reference material as well as stimulus for continued discussion."
Kate A. Robson Brown Journal of Human Evolution (1998) 34, p. 434

"a truly remarkable achievement and provides an invaluable resource. ... it is sure to remain a standard work of reference for a long time." Steven Mithen, Times Higher Education Supplement, 7 September 1997

"The editors of the Handbook state as their objective the publication of a "reference work" on the origins of language. In this endeavor they have certainly succeeded and deserve credit for an encyclopedic treatment that could only have been achieved through the exercise of editorial acumen." Jack. H. Prost, t (1998), 100, p. 804