Social Constructionism: sources and stirrings in theory and practice

Andy Lock & Tom Strong

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

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"An amazing accomplishment. Andy Lock and Tom Strong succeed in drawing together an enormous range of scholarship to shape current dialogues on social construction. With their articulate, well-balanced, and personalized accounts of these wide-ranging contributions, this impressive work will be an invaluable resource for scholars and students alike."
--Kenneth J. Gergen, Senior Research Professor of Psychology, Swarthmore College, and author of Relational Being

"Andy Lock and Tom Strong skilfully situate current approaches to social constructionism within an unbroken flow of work stretching back into the history of western thought as well as into places where it should develop further. Their work opens up whole new realms for possible empirical inquiries in the future. This is an exceptionally comprehensive survey that any psychologist interested in social constructionism should own. The authors are to be commended."
--John Shotter, Emeritus Professor of Communication, University of New Hampshire

"....sweeping historical and theoretical survey.... This is not a book to sit down with and read in a short time. Almost like an extraordinarily rich dessert, it can be assimilated only slowly and with deliberation. Graduate students will probably need steady encouragement and guidance, with plenty of opportunity to discuss the myriad notions raised by the thinkers encountered here.... practitioner or social scientist in this new century will gain important insights into the ways human beings construct their world and themselves so intricately and pervasively.... applying many of the ideas found in this volume, analysts at some future point may grasp more perceptively how debates like the one regarding DADT in today's national conversation continued to evolve and may have even found some measure of provisional settlement."
--Dr. Vincent W. Hevern, Le Moyne College, PsycCRITIQUES

"....a high-quality history of ideas.... Recommended...."
--P. Kivisto, Augustana College, CHOICE

"....Social Constructionism: Sources and Stirrings in Theory and Practice presents such a wealth of diverse material that any reader will find something new and challenging. One of the book's strengths is its comprehensiveness."
--George Lazaroiu, PhD, Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences

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