Proposed Graduate Programme in Contemporary Therapies

Michael White's outline of Narrative Therapy provides the starting point for the development of two papers under the regulations of the Graduate Diploma in Psychology. Those papers are

  1. Contemporary Theoretical Perspectives
  2. Contemporary Therapeutic Perspectives

Using his outline as a starting point immediately builds a reflexive stance into these collaborative projects. Historically, an 'applied' area of psychological practice is elaborated from prior 'theoretical' sources. And when courses for students are put together, those sources tend to be scattered all over different papers, or treated separately in a 'theories of psychology' paper. Their relevance can remain opaque. In this case, however, we are able to work backwards, and place an emphasis on how particular disparate sources have become woven into the bases of their application. Without the practice, these sources might appear as a rag-bag collection: with the practice in place, links between often independent strands of work can be illuminated more easily.

The development of these courses is being carried out co-operatively via the Internet. Further details about it can be found via our FAQ