'Finding a home-base'

A central aim of this virtual faculty is to explore the possibilities for teaching, training and research that are opening up through the existence of this new media. Our view is that these possibilities, indeterminate as they are at present, must be harnessed to the traditional structures of academic work - Universities-as-they-currently-are - rather than be developed in independence of them. We thus seek to locate ourselves in the 'real world', with 'real students', in a 'real University', using this new media and associated conferencing technologies to supplement and enhance an academic programme that can be offered at one site. In pusuing this possibility we would be most grateful of any comments you might have on issues such as the following:

I think this is absolutely wonderful: tell me how I could get this development to be centred in my own institution.

I would be interested in drawing on any resources the virtual faculty develops to supplement my own teaching.

I would be interested in contributing to the development of course materials that will be part of this project

I would be interested in gaining a graduate qualification through this faculty.

I would be interested in a training programme in narrative therapy.

I think the whole idea is unworkable.

Or any other point you might wish to comment on. We do not as yet have a simple 'checklist-type' survey return system in place, so please use the attached mail facility:

Comments to A.J.Lock@massey.ac.nz
Department of Psychology, Massey University , New Zealand
URL: http://www.massey.ac.nz/~ALock

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