This area of the site is intended as a place where anyone writing on topics they perceive as relevant to the faculty's aims can lodge 'draft' papers or even 'papers in progress' that are not even completed their first draft stage so that they are available for comment, constructive criticisms, revision, editing and any other offers of help that are forthcoming.

At present, only one draft paper is lodged here. While this ongoing work is eventually intended to adopt a paper-based format, it will be worked on here to explore the possibilities of a hypertext format.

In addition, two projects to explore the construction of web-based publications have been initiated.

There are doubtless a number of books in existence that could not have been crafted without the use of the facilities of the Internet. However, the Net and the Web provide opportunities to assist in the publication of collaborative academic works that go beyond the sending of drafts of material back-and-forth by e-mail.

It is unclear, to us at least, what a 'Web publication' might best look like. It is by no means certain that 'the book' should be the role model. Thus, one particular project is concerned both with academic issues of content and essaying possible structures within which to address those issues. As a process of `essaying' the project has a reflexive component to it, in that it is discursive, and through joint action will produce something new, the eventual character of which being something that none of its participants can specify or anticipate at this point.

The second project has similar intentions.

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