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Institute of Natural Resources
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  • Tran Hop (2007-) Ecology and control of broom (Cytisus scoparius) in New Zealand plantation forests
  • Amir Sultan (2007-2012) Systematics, reproductive biology, and host preferences of Pygmy mistletoes (Korthalsella, Viscaceae) in NZ
  • Fabrice Brescia (2003-2011 ) Ecology and population trends in New Caledonian Placostylus snails
  • Jay McCartney (2003-2010 ) Mating behaviour of five species of bush-cricket within the genus Poecilimon
  • Mascha Bischoff (2005-2008) Alpine pollination ecology (University of Heidelberg)
  • Merilyn Merrett (2001-2005) Reproduction and breeding systems of indigenous shrubs in fragmented ecosystems
  • Sean Husheer (1999-2003) Impacts of deer on Kaimanawa beech forests
  • Andrea Brandon (1996-2001) Breeding systems and rarity in New Zealand Myosotis
  • Rachel Standish (1996-2001) The ecological impact and control of an invasive weed Tradescantia fluminensis in lowland forest remnants
  • Richard Winkworth (1996-2000) Evolution of the New Zealand alpine flora: origins, diversification and dispersal

  • Masterate

  • Chau Phing Ong (2012-) Pollination in New Spider orchids
  • Sarah Jackman (2012-) Alternative management for Tradescantia
  • Georgina Hamilton (2012-) The yield of active honey from manuka plantations
  • Rob Silberbauer (2011-) The Importance of Cryptaspasma querula on New Zealand’s flora
  • Gillian Dennis (2009-) Diphacinone poisoning in the short-tailed bat (Mystacina tuberculata rhyacobia)
  • Rebecca Bennik (2007-2009 ) The impacts of honeybees and patch characteristics on Manuka patch invertebrate communities
  • Henry Dixon (2007-2009 ) The impacts of black swan eelgrass-grazing on the intertidal community of Golden Bay
  • Troy Makan (2004-2006) Towards a self-sustaining population of hihi on Kapiti Island
  • Phil Dawson (2002-2003) Regeneration of the native sand dune plant Pimelea arenaria in the lower North Island , New Zealand
  • Michael Perry (2001- 2003) The browsing impact and abundance of European brown hares ( Lepus europaeus) in the central North Island
  • Carlos Lehnebach (2000-2002) Pollination ecology of New Zealand orchids
  • Melissa Hutchinson (1998-2001) Habitat use, seasonality and ecology of carabid beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae) in native forest remnants, North Island, New Zealand
  • Shaun Bennett (1998-2001) The effects of introduced predators and the invasive weed Tradescantia fluminensis (Vell.) (Commelinaceae) on the land snail Powelliphanta traversi traversi (Powell) (Gastropoda: Pulmonata: Rhytididae)
  • Amy Trass (1998-2000) Invasion of woody species into weed infested areas
  • Viv Nicholls (1996-2000) The ecophysiology and autecology of megaherbs on Campbell Island
  • Adam Broadley (1994-1998) Prey capture rates in bush and cave populations of the Glowworm, Arachnocampa luminosa
  • John Ewen (1995-1998) A genetic and behavioural investigation of extra-pair copulation in stitchbirds ( Notiomystis cincta ) breeding on Tiritiri Matangi Island
  • Kate McNutt (1995-1998) Impacts of reduced bird densities on pollination and dispersal mutualisms in New Zealand forests
  • Chris Devine (1994-1997) Some aspects of behaviour and ecology in the land snail Powelliphanta traversi traversi Powell (Rhytidae: Rhytidinae)
  • Nick Singers (1994-1997) The dynamics of temporary wetlands in dune slacks at Tangimoana, Manawatu, NZ with special reference to Eleocharis novaeseealandiae
  • John Perrott (1993-1997) Effects of food supply and competition on the outcome of hihi (Notiomystis cincta) translocated to Mokoia Island
  • Claire Murphy (1993-1996) The impact of beekeeping on montane ecosystems

  • Honours

  • Ngaire Larsen (2009) Effects of edges and trap design in organic orchard invertebrates
  • Alana Lawrence (2005) The importance of introduced insects as pollinators of weeds
  • Alison Beath (2001) The attractiveness of scented lures to short-tailed bats
  • Adrian Nokes (1994) Responses of Chironomid Species to the Bacterial Insecticide, Bacillus thuringiensis serovar israelensis, Teknar â (Sandoz Ag) and an attempt to survey the effects of bacterium on zooplankton.
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