Massey Researcher Impact in Scholarly Sources and Media

Rather than looking at individual research outputs this tool looks for information on the overall impact of your research based on a series of searches for your name. If your name is not a particularly unique one you may struggle to differentiate your impact from that of other individuals with the same name.

First name

Last name

Scopus has relatively good control of author names and even if you have changed institutions it is usually easy to find your h-index and other citation-related information. If your name is found click on the blue link

This will open a summary of the author's publications in Scopus and the h-index

Web of Science has less satisfactory control over author name sets than Scopus and if you have worked at more than one institution it may be difficult to bring all of your publications together. However, if you are satisfied that the articles the search finds are all yours then it is relatively easy to find the h-index and other information about your citations.

Google Scholar and Google Books

Google Scholar does a reasonable job of identifying individual researchers and this search adds the Massey address to make it more accurate. However if a significant proportion of your research was not carried out at Massey then this will probably not be found. Be aware that Google Scholar citation counts will be inflated and should be treated with caution, but that significant citations will often be found that the scholarly databases miss.

If you have "claimed" your Google Scholar profile then you will see an entry for your name when you run this search

This leads to your Google Scholar metrics

You need to be aware that the Google Scholar h-index is a controversial metric, but setting up your Google Scholar profile is still a worthwhile exercise to ensure that all of your work is brought together.

This means that anyone finding any one of your articles on Google Scholar will be able to link directly to all of your publications through the underlined author name.  Creating a Google Scholar profile is an important way of promoting your work. Create a Google Scholar profile now.

This search will find books on which your name appears on the same page as the word Massey. Do not treat it as a metric but as a potential source of evidence of your impact. Check carefully to ensure that you are the person being referred to.

New Zealand Sources

New Zealand information can be a valuable source of evidence for the broader social, political, cultural or economic impact of your research.

Newztext searches a very wide range of New Zealand media, including Stuff, the New Zealand Herald and the NBR, journals, magazines and trade publications.

If you have appeared on Radio New Zealand or featured in their news broadcasts then this search can provide evidence of this, including links to audio.

References in government reports and other official documents can be particularly valuable evidence of the uptake and implementation of your research.

Other Sources

Find your name at and

While Google News Archive is not as thorough as Newtext it may find some international mentions of your name.

Has your name been tweeted?