a. Undergraduate

172.132 Language and Culture (Paper Co-ordinator - ongoing)
172.134 Fundamentals of Language and Language Learning (2004, 2005)
172.232 Language and Society (up to 2004)
172.235 Linguistic Analysis (2003, 2004)
172.237 Language, Discourse and Power (Paper Co-ordinator 2008)

b. Graduate

172.703 Language Teaching Methodology (Paper Co-ordinator – ongoing)
172.799 Research Report (Paper Co-ordinator – ongoing)


PhD Theses (Awarded)

2008.    Skyrme, G. Internationalisation and NESB Students in the New Zealand University Sector. First supervisor.
2008.    Shine, A. Written Feedback in a Freshman Writing Course in the UAE: Instructors’ and Student’s Perspectives on Giving, Getting and Using Feedback.  First supervisor.
2006.    Yong, M-F The Nature and Dynamics of Collaborative Writing in a Malaysian Tertiary ESL Setting. PhD thesis. First supervisor. (Massey Scholar)
2006.    Tan, B-H Innovation and Online Writing Labs for ESL Learners at a Malaysian Tertiary Institution. PhD thesis. Co-supervisor. (Massey Scholar)
2005.    Haworth, P. Developing Praxis for a Few Non-English Speaking Background Students in the Class. Co-supervisor.
2004.    Walker, U. Language, Migration, and Continuity of Being: Notions of Migrant Language Proficiency and Self-Concept among Multilingual Migrants in Aotearoa-New Zealand. First Supervisor.
2003.    Ishida, H. Interpretation of Contextualization Cues in Japanese Conversation: Contextualization Cues and Back-Channel Cues. First Supervisor.
2001.    Christensen, I. Te Hoe Nuku Roa: Maori Language Research. Second Supervisor.

PhD Theses (In progress)

2007-    Nguyen, L. Computer-mediated collaborative learning in a Vietnamese Tertiary Setting. First Supervisor. (Massey University Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship; New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarship)
2007-    Maryam, M. An Ethnographic Study of reading Classrooms in the Maldives. First Supervisor
2008-    Kehrwald, J. The ecology of teacher and learner development: toward teacher and learner autonomy. First Supervisor
2008-   Scott, A. Teacher Motivation in the New Languages Curriculum in New Zealand. First Supervisor
2007-    Suwannasom, T. Teacher Cognition and Web-based Writing Instruction in the Thai Tertiary Context. First supervisor. (Thai Government Scholarship)
2006-    Dean, F. The Narratives of Fijian-Indian Indentured Labourers. Co-supervisor.
2005 -   Li, A. A Study of Chinese Students’ Use of Language Learner strategies in China and New Zealand. First supervisor.
2005 -   Head, M. Coming to Know Academic Reading – The First year Experience. First supervisor.
2004-    Berardi-Wiltshire, A.  Language and Identity among the Wellington Italian community. First supervisor. (Massey Scholar)

Masters Theses (Awarded)

2008     Rapley, D. Policy and reality: Teaching oral communication in Japanese Junior High School EFL classrooms. A Case study in Kurashiki City.
2007     Corby, J. Language, identity and settlement experiences of immigrant Filippino women in New Zealand.
2006     Hurtubise, J. Developing an Independent Learning Resource Centre: A Project in a Military Language Institute in the United Arab Emirates.
2002     Ashdowne, L. 2002. Investigating Team Teaching through an Exploration of Beliefs about Role and Effective Teaching: A Case Study of New Zealand and Thai Primary Teachers.
1999     Lily, A. Critical Factors in the Teaching of Japanese at Years 7 and 8. First Supervisor.
1999     Pishief, P. Immigrant Experience of One New Zealand Community as a Second Language Learning Environment. First Supervisor. (Awarded, with distinction)
1999     McCook, F. A Longitudinal Study of Responses to In-Service Teacher Education by Vietnamese English Language Teachers. First Supervisor. (Awarded, with distinction)
1999     Hilder, M. Emergent Skills and Beliefs in an Initial Teacher Preparation Course. First Supervisor. (Awarded, with distinction)
1999     Brown, R. Towards Critical Literacy: Literature and Teachers’ Reaction to Reader-Response Theories. Second Supervisor. (Awarded, with distinction)
1999     Dowds, A. A Comparative Analysis of Student and Tutor Expectations and Experiences Within a University Tutorial Setting. Second Supervisor.
1998      Easton, P. Input, Uptake, Output: A Study of Intertextual Source Use in Academic Writing. Second Supervisor. (Awarded, with distinction)
1996      Haworth, P. Cultural Perceptions of Learning Situations: Overseas Students in their First Year of Teacher Education in New Zealand. First Supervisor. (Awarded, with distinction)
1995     Mak, B. Communication Apprehension among Chinese ESOL Students. First Supervisor.
1993     Christensen, I. Maori Language Teaching: the Development, Implementation and Evaluation of Two Teaching Resources. Second Supervisor. (Awarded, with distinction)