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Organisation, Identity and Locality (OIL)

Dear OIL community,

The first meeting of OIL - Organization, Identity and Locality  - was held at Massey in 2005, as was  OIL VII in February 2011.  During this time we have also met at Otago, Massey Albany, Waikato, and Victoria.

It has been a great run, and has created many very enjoyable and stimulating spaces for us to develop a community of  scholars doing critical work in organisational studies in Aotearoa New Zealand.

As co-ordinators we now think that after seven years – and in the absence of further groups offering to run a 2012 OIL – we think it is time to wrap up this series, and to perhaps create space for something new. 

The website (with copies of the workshop proceedings) and e-list will continue for now, hosted by Craig at Massey. http://www.massey.ac.nz/~cprichar/oil.htm

It would be great to see your responses and new ideas

Warm best wishes  to all

Deborah Jones and Craig Prichard

Final Versions of the Proceedings are below: