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Another old course. The aim of this course was to look at the ideas behind retrosynthesis and total synthesis. As with many of my earlier courses I would certainly do things differently now but it still stands as a reasonably interesting set of notes. Unfortunately, due to the age of the course and the number of times I have changed computers (and now continents) since it was written most of the original material has been lost. Hence I will give a brief description of what was in the course on this half of the page (with old page numbering) and then, on the right hand side will be four pdf files that correspond to the old 2 hours lectures I had to give (madness really; no one can concentrate for that length time. I certainly couldn't speak for that long...) and one pdf file of various helpful mechanisms

Introduction: Slides 1-7
Including synthesis of allose

Bond Disconnections: Slides 8-19
Including croomine, swainsonine, swinholide A, indanomycin and fluvirucin B

Functional Group Disconnections: Slides 20-49
Including altohyrtin A, epothilone A, rapamycin, epoxydictymene, monomorine I, erythronolide B, prostaglandin and tataromycin

Tactics: Slides 50-63
Including porantherine, okadiac acid and CP-263,114

Synthesis of Stenine: Slides 64-70

Selectivity: Slides 71-77

Synthesis of Muconin: Slides 78-87


Lecture 1-pdf-

Lecture 2-pdf-

Lecture 3-pdf-

Lecture 4-pdf-


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