"Nature has all the answers, so what is your question?" - Howard T. Odum


Last updated: August 17, 2011

My research interests cover the aspects of ecology - soil ecology, systems ecology, the interactions between human land use and biodiversity, and the ecology of soil invertebrates. In Ecology Group we have excellent facilities for studying invertebrates. Visit Soil Ecology page to find out more about soil fauna and our facilities. Systems ecology is an interdisciplinary approach to study the interactions between human activities, environmant, and biota. We focus on system-level sustainability assessment.

If you are interested in studying for Honours, Master's Degree or PhD in Ecology, Soil Biology, or Systems Ecology at Massey University, contact me. I will help you to achieve your goals. Examples of projects can be found in the People and Projects section. If you have a project idea, I will be happy to discuss your interests with you. Check the links below to find out more about postgraduate studies in Ecology Group.


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Last updated: August 17, 2011

Tags: Invertebrate zoology, Soil Ecology, Biodiversity