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I am working host-parasitoid interaction in aphid-wasp system for my PhD degree. Before I started my doctoral study in New Zealand, I have worked for University of Delhi, developing a Biodiversity Park in New Delhi. I studied plant science (Agriculture) at Allahabad Agricultural Institute. Insects are my favourite since my school time and that interest led to my Master’s degree in Entomology. Further, my research project on egg-parasitoid Trichogramma spp. at Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi greatly fascinated me.

I have enjoyed my doctoral research on Reproductive behaviour and fitness trade-offs in the aphid parasitoid Diaeretiella rapae. The main goal of the study was to understand mating and oviposition behaviour of D. rapae, a parasitoid of cabbage and peach aphid. I studied host and mate selection and I also examined their superparasitism strategies. Male-male interaction is strong in this species and affects mating success. Altogether, I am enjoying my time in this beautiful pollution-free New Zealand. People here are very friendly and caring, and I develop affection with this country and people.

See below for publication resulting form my PhD research.

Rashmi Kant

mating process

D. rapae


RashmiRecording mating behaviour under red light during scotophase

Refereed papers from the doctoral project:

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Abstract/conference presentation from doctoral project:

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