Centre for Theoretical Chemistry and Physics
at Massey University (Albany Campus), New Zealand

Dr. Andreas Hauser (Postdoctoral Fellow)

Andreas Hauser Centre for Theoretical Chemistry and Physics
Bldg.44, NZ Institute for Advanced Study
Massey University (Albany Campus)
Private Bag 102904
North Shore MSC, Auckland
New Zealand
Phone +64 9 414 0800 ext. 41528
Fax +64 9 443 9779
Email: andreas.w.hauser@gmail.com

Research interests

My current research in the group of Prof. Peter Schwerdtfeger concentrates on the application of relativistic quantum theoretical methods to three related, highly topical fields of surface chemistry and solid state/cluster physics, namely hydrogen storage, carbon capture and methane sequestration.

Research topics:

  • First principles studies in surface chemistry and cluster physics
  • New materials for the storage of hydrogen, carbon dioxide and methane
  • Quantum chemical studies of weakly interacting atoms and molecules
  • Spin-orbit and non-adiabatic coupling in molecules
  • Electronic structure of small metal clusters: excited states and shell models
  • Theoretical molecular spectroscopy


A list of publications can be found here.

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