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New Frontiers in Restorative Justice: Advancing Theory and Practice
An international conference on Restorative Justice held at Albany, Auckland, New Zealand: 2-5 December 2004



About the Centre

The Centre for Justice and Peace Development is an interdisciplinary research centre located within the College of Humanities and Social Sciences of Massey University, providing a focal point for the development and study of the relationship between justice and peace in the Aotearoa/New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region.

In pursuing these aims, the Centre undertakes the following:

  • initiates and conducts research that evaluates state and community responses to conflict, alternative justice approaches (including restorative justice), the connections between economic issues and peace, the politics of dispute resolution, and theories of conflict resolution and transformation
  • facilitates the interaction of scholars and researchers working in appropriate fields both within New Zealand and internationally, with a particular relationship with the Eastern Mennonite University in Virginia (USA), by supporting collaborative research projects and organizing conferences relating to justice and peace development
  • encourages and assists the teaching of conflict resolution/transformation skills
  • acts as a resource for visiting academics, practitioners, and policy makers by providing an institutional base, by facilitating their research, and by assisting their interaction with local networks
  • publishes relevant working papers, articles, and other useful information that pertains to justice and peace development.

The activities of the Centre include the following:

  • the organization of seminars, colloquiums, conferences, and other events that facilitate the exchange of research and knowledge amongst practitioners, policy makers, researchers, and theorists in the fields of peace and justice development.
  • publication of material relating to peace and justice development as arise from conferences and events organised under the auspices of the Centre, and from post-graduate and staff-initiated research.
  • operation of a 'clearing house' on quantitative and qualitative research pertaining to specific areas of peace and justice development such as Restorative Justice.
  • development of a refereed journal that disseminates academic papers relating to peace and justice development in Aotearoa/New Zealand and the Asia/Pacific Region.
  • operation of a website that publicizes Centre activities, research opportunities in the Pacific Rim, publications, and which hosts cyber-space discussion groups of researchers, policy analysts, practitioners, and theorist.
  • publication of learning and research opportunities for prospective students of peace and justice development.
  • development of materials suitable for the teaching of peace and justice development studies.

The Director

Dr Warwick Tie comes to the Centre with a background in socio-legal theoryand a keen interest in the politics of dispute resolution.

His other main activities in the academic world are in teaching social theory, from undergraduate to PhD level.

A most pressing challenge that faces humanity, he believes, is how conflict might be responded to in the face of significant differences in social and cultural belief about how to proceed.


Contact details

School of Social and Cultural Studies,
College of Humanities and Social Sciences,
Massey University,
Private Bag 102 904,
North Shore Mail Centre,
New Zealand.

E-mail: Dr. Warwick Tie


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