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New Frontiers in Restorative Justice


Welcome to the website for New Frontiers in Restorative Justice: Advancing Theory and Practice.


Since its modest beginnings some 30 years ago, restorative justice has grown into an international movement for the promotion of collaborative and peacemaking approaches to conflict resolution. It has had a significant impact on judicial thought and practice in many countries, as seen, for example, in New Zealand¹s recent sentencing and parole legislation. Now, as it moves into its second generation, restorative justice faces new frontiers.

How are the values and standards of practice of restorative justice to be defined and preserved?

How should restorative justice operate in cases of domestic violence and sexual offending?

What implications does restorative justice have for police culture and practice?

Is restorative justice able to deal with human rights abuses or the land grievances of indigenous peoples?

And what does restorative justice have to say about the "global war on terrorism" and the appeal of religious violence?

This interdisciplinary conference will explore how restorative justice theory and practice may develop to meet challenges such as these.

This conference will interest those who are curious about future possible applications of restorative justice, and of the forms that restorative justice might take as a consequence of those applications. As such, it is attracting practitioners and academics, researchers and policy analysts from various parts of the globe. All are encouraged to register and attend this intriguing event. Participants are welcome to submit presentation proposals, either as 30 minute papers, 90 minute Shared Sessions, Poster presentations, artistic displays, musical presentations, and documentaries. Presenters may wish to submit their papers for consideration in an edited, published text that will contain a limited selection of the conference material. New information will be added to this website, so be sure to return to it. For further information on particular details about the event, do contact us.


The idea for New Frontiers emerged following a series of seminars held during 2002/03 in South Africa, North America, New Zealand, and the UK regarding critical issues facing restorative justice. Central to that international series of gatherings was the person of Prof. Howard Zehr. During that series Howard introduced the idea of frontier issues, those being issues which restorative justice must face as it goes into the future. That very idea incited this conference. In developing the idea into an event, we wish to acknowledge the generous support and sponsorship given to us by the following:

New Zealand Law Foundation (Principal Sponsor)
Office of the Chief District Court Judge
New Zealand Ministry of Justice
New Zealand Police
Ministry of Eduction



In developing the conference, we have also been grateful for the advice and guidance given by our Advisory Group members:

Ms. Michelle Apelu Prof. Margaret Bedggood
Judge David Carruthers Ms. Annette Pearson
Sir Charles Pollard Ms. Gabrielle Maxwell
Mr. Matt Robson Prof. Howard Zehr



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