New Zealand Mathematical Society

NEWSLETTER NUMBER 64 August 1995 ISSN 0110-0025


The Newsletter is the official organ of the New Zealand Mathematical Society Inc. This issue was assembled and printed at Massey University. The official address of the Society is:

The New Zealand Mathematical Society,
c/- The Royal Society of New Zealand,
P O Box 598, Wellington, New Zealand.

However, correspondence should normally be sent directly to the Secretary:

Dr Margaret Morton,
Department of Mathematics,
University of Auckland, Private Bag 92019, Auckland, New Zealand.


President Prof Marston Conder (University of Auckland)

Incoming Vice President Prof Douglas Bridges (University of Waikato)

Secretary Dr Margaret Morton (University of Auckland)

Treasurer Dr Mark McGuiness (Victoria University)

Councillors Dr Robert Chan (University of Auckland), to 1995

Prof Michael Hendy (Massey University), to 1995

Dr Rick Beatson (Canterbury University), to 1996

Assoc-Prof Ernie Kalnins (Waikato University), to 1996

Dr Mark McGuinness (Victoria University), to 1996

Dr Mick Roberts (AgResearch) to 1997

Dr Dennis McCaughan (University of Otago) to 1997

Membership Secretary Dr John Shanks (University of Otago)

Newsletter Editor Prof Michael Hendy (Massey University)

Legal Adviser Dr Peter Renaud (University of Canterbury)

Archivist Prof John Harper (Victoria University)

Visitor Liaison Dr David Robinson (Canterbury University)

Publicity Convenor Dr David McIntyre (University of Auckland)



Book Reviews Mr David Alcorn (Auckland University)

Conferences Dr Michael Carter (Massey University)

Visitors to New Zealand Dr David Robinson (Canterbury University)

Honorary Correspondents

Robert Aldred Mathematics and Statistics (University of Otago)

Greg Arnold Statistics (Massey University)

Rick Beatson Mathematics (University of Canterbury)

Kevin Broughan Mathematics and Statistics (Waikato University)

John Burnell Industrial Research Ltd (Lower Hutt)

Michael Doherty Statistics NZ

John Harper Mathematics (Victoria University)

Mick Roberts AgResearch (Wallaceville)

John Maindonald HortResearch (Auckland)

Robert McKibbin Mathematics (Massey University)

Donald Nield Engineering Science (University of Auckland)

Peter Smith Statistics and Operations Research (Victoria University)

Garry Tee Mathematics (University of Auckland)